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Toggle Settings: A Solid Settings/Profile Manager and Task Manager

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by New_Guy777, Jun 10, 2010.

  1. New_Guy777

    New_Guy777 New Member
    Thread Starter

    Jun 7, 2010
    Pros: This application features a Several System Process Controls, a Clean User Interface, a Rich Task Manager, and a surpisingly Useful Profile Manager

    Cons: As the name implies, the primary purpose of this app is to change System Settings. In order to change the settings, you must open the app, making it a two step process. Many users will prefer a widget that allows a change with only one step.

    Bottom Line: Toggle Settings is fine application for managing a wide range of system settings, offers a customizable Profile Manager, and contains a first rate Task Manager. Unfortunately, accessing each of these tools is a multi-step process, which is not appealing to the average user.


    The Set-up Process is clean in appearance and very intuitive. Not only is nearly every label is self-explanatory, but the developer takes the extra step to include a short summary for each option.

    If the labels and summaries aren't enough to get the new user started, Toggle Settings offers a nice Help Page, which can be access by selecting Menu.


    The Interface is suffers from the necessary multi-step process that is needed to access the apps' fine features. For instance, a user who wishes to stop background runnig applications with Toggle Settings must:
    -Open the app
    -Select the drop-down tray
    -Long press each application
    -Select "End Process"
    Many other applications, such as the popular "Task Killer" offer a one touch widget. Although the Task Manager is by far the most unwieldly, the same concept applies to the Settings and Profile.


    Toggle Settings is a very well-designed application. It functions reliably, and I have never experienced a system conflict while using it. Perhaps the only danger to this apps' reliability is the level of access that the Task Manager offers. When utilizing the Task Manager, it is important the the user not inadvertantly kill an important system process. However, barrin that, this app should run as advertised.


    Features and Customization set this application apart from the competition. Every Toggle screen is able to be customized for content and placement. The Profile Manager allows the user to edit and replace profiles at will, while the Task Manager features Auto-Kill and Auto-Hide capabilities.


    I highly recommend (and have recommended) this application to anyone seeking a System Settings app for their Android Phone. The developer has regularly updated this application, making it more stable and useful over time. I have frequently made use of this app with positive results. Although there are a few extra steps that I have to go through, there are enough situations that occur on a daily basis to make the "hoops" well-worth the effot. In my opinion, this app is one of the most useful applications available for download.

    Disclaimer- I am not the developer of this application, and cannot be held accountable for the advice I give. This review is based solely on my experiences, which others may not share. I am not responsible for anthing that may negatively impact your phone, your PC, your property, or your life.


  2. zsnowangel

    zsnowangel New Member

    Jan 31, 2011
    I added a new rule that stated roughly *when within this location bubble, profile is WORK profile* --- along those lines.

    How do I know if this is working properly? I have it set to location but the task bar icon stays with the green location icon, so is there a way to tell if this worked properly?

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