Tomb of King


Do you enjoy genres listed below? Great, Tomb of King combines all of them!

- Puzzle game. Fun and exitement to all family!

- Labirynth game. Try to find exit!

- Hidden treasures everywhere!

- Real physical objects. Move them all!

For a long time no other country has been attracting people by all the mysteries it hides. How did ancient pharaohs live? How did pyramids with all treasures and secret traps are built? What is the meaning of all hieroglyphs.

We want you to dive in to ancient Egypt. Walk through many pyramids and tombs full of quests. Control your own mummy to reach the end of the temple. Move the boxes, dodge cannons and zombies, find hidden treasures, guarded by zombies. Already intrigued? Download and start solving those puzzles now!


- Slider puzzle suitable for all ages

- All kinds of control that you could expect

- Nice environment and music for more immersive experience

- Stages can be completed with multiple ways

- Stages getting progressively difficult

- Collect coins to unlock new levels

- Move boxes, dodge cannons, avoid zombies

- This is not place for mistakes!

Enjoy your mummy adventures in Tomb of King!


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