Accessories Too many case choices! Help tailoring to me?


Hey :)
So i am looking to get a case for my incredible. I am afraid that I have a problem with electronics slipping out of my hand occasionally so am looking for a phone with a rubberized/grippy back and will help with shock protection. (I'm getting MUCH better, but might as well prepare for the worst)

I don't really want to pay more than $25 (probably order from amazon) if thats possible.

I have the steinheil crystal clear screen protector.


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You really need to supply more information. For instance do you have a stand or charger that the phone must fit in? Do you have a car dock that the phone must fit in? Do you have an extended battery that the case must fit? Do you carry the phone in your pocket, purse, or clipped on your belt?

All these questions will help us steer you in the right direction.


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The charger is just the standard usb/cord type as well is the car charger. I do have an extended battery, but it is the same size as the original. And 99% of the time i keep my phone in my pocket and the rest of time time i have it in a bag...