[Tool] LogViewer for android


This is Chang in charge of developing the android software.

I introduce tool to you to view the logs of android.

As you know, The default logcat on eclipse has no feature to import
the android log txt file.

This tool views conveniently,easily the logs of android on txt formats.

and Here is a feature of this tool.

1. This tool is a stand-alone. So, On Windows, you can excute this

2. You can check the log-level, and click "Search" button,
and then, This tools shows the log related to level you checked.

3. Through "Goto Fatal" or "Goto ANR",
This tool jumps the related line.

4. The PID or TAG or Words in message are filtered.

5. "Reload" button backs to the initial status(No filter)


1 : Log Level : You can check level(ERROR,INFO,WARN,DEBUG,VERBOSE)
and Click "Select". Filtering to log level

2 : TAG : Filtering to TAG

3 : PID : Filtering to PID

4 : Words : Filtering to the speific words in message.

5 : Reload : No Filter

6 : Open : Open the txt file including android logs.

7 : Goto FATAL : Jumps to the line related in Fatal Exceptions

8 : To Printer : Prints the logs through the printer

9 : Goto ANR : Jumps to the line related in ANR

1 : You can use Ctrl+C in lists

2 : You can link the txt file to logviewer using link-program in windows
(1) move the mouse to txt file.
(2) right-click and register link-program.


You can download the latest version at http://parkck99.blog.me/70096200376


If you have a any question and any feedback, please send me



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