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Top 10 Apps and Widgets (Froyo 2.2)

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by denialnw10, Aug 10, 2010.

  1. denialnw10

    denialnw10 Guest
    Thread Starter

    Just wondering if we can share some "must-have" apps and widgets for the HTC Desires running on 2.2 (FROYO). List your top ten with a description of what they do (if it isnt clear from the app name), cost, and where to find them if not in the "Market".

    In no particular order:

    Apps & Widgets
    1. Timeriffic (Free, Market) Lets you schedule tasks for your phone to do at specific times of the day (ie. turn on wifi at 6pm when you will be home then off at 23:00 when you will be in bed)
    2. Barcode Scan (Free, Market) Barcode Scanner
    3. Layar (Free, Market) Augmented Reality App
    4. Astro (Free, Market) File Manager
    5. RealCalc (Free, Market) Scientific Calculator - Good if you need a % button
    6. Flixster (Free, Market) Cinema Showings/Movie info/Trailers etc
    7. QuickDesk (Free, Market) Allows you to skip quickly to apps and widgets without leaving the screen that your using
    8. Silent Boot (Free, Market) Stops your Desire from making that annoying start up noise
    9. Gesture Search (Free, Market) Search by use of gestures on screen
    10. "Where's my droid?" (Free, Market) Text your Desire from another phone with a particular word or sentence of choice and it will turn the volume up (if on silent) and alert you to its whereabouts

    1. BBC News App (Free, Market) News App
    2. engadget (Free, Market) Tech news
    3. Smooth Calendar (Free, Market) Preview upcoming calendar events
    4. Tethering For Froyo (Free, Market) Allows you to have a one-tough widget for wireless and wired tethering
    5. Jorte (Free, Market) Calendar, tasks, and scheduling widget sync'd with gmail
    6. Facebook (Free, Market) Its Facebook
    7. Music, Android (Free, Market) Music Player
    8. GTasks (Free, Market) Alternative Task Manager/Organiser
    9. Google Search (Free, Stock)
    10. Youtube (Free, Market)

    As you can see, there is a common theme... I'm a cheapskate!!! Nothing but free stuff! lol! :D

    *I'm on the look out for an alternative free Music Player (with a widget), and a widget for a calculator that has a "%" button.

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  2. denialnw10

    denialnw10 Guest
    Thread Starter

    Now I want to add Chrome to Phone to my top 10!!! Great lil App!!!

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