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Top 3 Best Recording Apps for Android games

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by GameraApp, Aug 8, 2018.

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    With the increasing number of mobile gamers, more people are beginning to search for screen recorders and make interesting videos. Below are 3 top recording apps that we would recommend to players.

    AZ Screen Recorder is the best on the list. It's easy with plenty of features. It features an in-app button that doesn't interfere with the recorded content with the front facing camera for streaming. AZ doesn't require root and has no watermarks. The pro version of AZ Screen Recorder will cost you $2.99.

    Gamera App is the simplest one to use on the list. It has a build in AI that will automatically record in-game highlight such as kills and death, at the time of writing this AI only supports PUBG Mobile. On top of that Gamera has a manual record in-game hotkey, simply by pressing it Gamera will record and save everything happened in the last 15 to 60 seconds. Along with recording features, Gamera allows users to edit and share their contents on social medias. Gamera is completely free with no in-app advertisement.

    DU recorder is the third on this list, but could very well record videos with the best quality. It records videos up to 1080p with 60 fps. The UI works well with the built-in video editor. Like AZ, DU also supports a front facing Camera. DU is completely free with no ads.

    Please leave comments below and let us know if we missed any amazing apps or if don't agree with our list.

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    Thanks for sharing the useful list...

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