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Top 5 Android Smarties for T-Mobile

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by dnlcllns, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. dnlcllns

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    Hi People I'm New to this forum. So my Ignorance will probably show.

    I live in a town that is best "covered" by T-Mobile. So I am in the market for an Android Phone that woks with T-Mo. I am Looking for YOUR TOP 5 Android Suggestions

    So far the "Nexus One" looks Like the best way to go. But I would like more options.

    Also, I noticed while skimming in here that "rooted" was mentioned. I have Goggled "Rooted" but that led to even more confusion. Please clear what this is up for me. Please Be thorough but simple. Is this still possible to do this with an Unlocked Nexus 1?

  2. ajcis55

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    Rooting your phone is kind of like the different between being a standard user on your computer, compared to an administrator. The standard user can do MOST stuff on the computer, but not quite everything the administrator can. The root user is basically the same. So if you root your phone, it gives you the ability to do some things that you wouldn't otherwise be able to do, like enable wifi hotspot, overclock the cpou, etc.
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