Nov 28, 2009
Just curious if anyone else has noticed that the upper backside of the phone rattles when the phone vibrates or when I hold the bottom of the phone and tap gently on the upper backside of the phone. Anyone else notice this? Normal or a reason to exchange the phone before my 30 days are up?
I just checked it on my co-workers Droid Eris and it makes the exact same noise. I'm thinking, that its the actual thing that makes the phone vibrate.
It's the wheel for the vibrator. I saw where someone did a total disassembly of the Hero and you could see it on the top.
high end digital SLR cameras have a mirror that rotates, but digital cameras don't have a true shutter. a shutter on a camera is kept in a closed position and then opened briefly to expose the film behind it. no film.. no shutter...

All SLR cameras have a mirror, including film and digital. SLR stands for single lens reflex, what you see in the view finder is what is on that mirror. The mirror will lift up and the shutter releases to take the photo. I think that is correct. I do have a higher end DSLR (Canon 50D) and do work with cameras everyday, as I am a photojournalist.
(Sprint Hero, 5MP)
Cam is auto-focus so hence does have a moving internal lens block before the image sensor.

It does make a bit of noise if you turn camera on, put ear up to screen side, wave hand in-front of lens, you'll clearly hear it doing its thing. (I have a hearing problem and still hear this when I'm using the camera) BTW - the cam is poor, unless that's all you have to use, then it's all you have.

The back cover on my Hero has a small tab that has broken off and was rattling inside, but the vibe motor can also be heard when shaken.

I have a rattle too when you tap it or shake it up near the camera. Does anyone know officially what the hell this is?!!! I've read through thread after thread and forum after forum of over the last month of people asking the same question. All the answers are guesses at best. What the hell is this rattle?! Has anyone gotten an answer from HTC/Sprint?
it's something in the camera, there should be no 'shutter' in this kind of camera. i can clearly hear the click when i activate and deactivate my camera while resting on a vibration dampening pad.