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Top killers of battery life

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Trauma, Aug 6, 2010.

  1. Trauma

    Trauma Member
    Thread Starter

    So what are tge top killers of the battery?

    I know the obvious one is the screen...

    What else drains a huge amount of energy?

    Do things like multiple news feed widgets drain a lot of energy?

    I heard leaving GPS on absolutely wrecks your battery life as well.

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  2. aleis

    aleis Android Expert

    gps, wifi, and bluetooth.
    also the phone. anything with a radio is a KILLER! :)
    do you use the power settings widget...?
    u should...
  3. raduray

    raduray Member

    GPS is the biggest battery killer.

    Try Quick Settings. It replaces battery monitor, display brightness, volume settings and all other various toggle widgets. It's not a widget, but can be activated from notification bar or you can put it on one of your screen. A true all-in-one solution plus it's got an LED flashlight. And it's free!
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  4. ekyle

    ekyle Android Expert

    The weather widget seemed a bit power hungry to me
  5. JubbaTheHutt

    JubbaTheHutt Android Expert

    Any app/widget that requires constant or routine updates (weather based programs, facebook, twitter, news, etc.).
  6. ekyle

    ekyle Android Expert

    I notice less of a drain with the FB widget after the last update. If you don't let Twitter automatically update then it shouldn't affect the battery either. Just my experience.
  7. TheXFactor

    TheXFactor Android Enthusiast

    Me using the X constantly. LOL
  8. bbuck002

    bbuck002 Android Enthusiast

    live wallpapers (even tho some are freakin awesome)

    also this damn gps not allowing the phone to sleep is killing my battery faster than anything
  9. myxomat0sis

    myxomat0sis Newbie

    animation heavy live wallpapers (like the various aquarium ones) are super battery killers. other live wallpapers that don't have that much animation aren't that bad.
  10. john0821

    john0821 Android Enthusiast

    GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, live wallpapers, any app that needs to be updated (social networking, sports tickers, weather), talking on the phone, using the phone.
  11. LogicX

    LogicX Newbie

    GPS is big...if you leave it on. There is a glitch that keeps your phone from sleeping if the gps is not toggled off after using it. It is documented on this forum.
  12. jdk33

    jdk33 Well-Known Member

    People saying Wi-Fi is a big battery drainer as incorrect. It uses less battery megabyte for megabyte than 3G by a long way.

    If you're not in range of a Wi-Fi network then by all means disable Wi-Fi, but some of these posts are kind of saying people should use 3G instead of Wi-Fi, which will just result in worse battery life.
  13. mysterygirl

    mysterygirl Newbie

    But some have this problem and others don't. So each person should confirm on their device. I don't have this issue (thank goodness!). I never turn GPS off, it only comes on when required, and I have great battery life.
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  14. LogicX

    LogicX Newbie

    It's every Droid x. It is 100% reproducible. As long as you take off the gps you should be good. Check it out:

  15. mysterygirl

    mysterygirl Newbie

    Then I stand corrected. I haven't run the test, so can't say one way or the other for my phone. What I will say is the same as I said above. I leave GPS on 24/7 and have no battery life issues. I easily get a full day and could probably get as much as 24 hours on a single charge with moderate use (some web browsing, a few games, short phone calls, email, facebook, twitter, texting, sportstap). I realize that others have significant battery issues and maybe its traceable to this issue. But no problems here. Maybe I don't use my GPS enough, but it doesn't seem that that should matter, since ANY small amount of use should trigger the problem.

    But, it does inspire me to turn GPS off completely and see if my battery life results get even better!

    I'm getting a replacement phone because of another issue and I'm HOPEFUL that I won't encounter the battery life issues some have experienced.
  16. ChiefHopper

    ChiefHopper Well-Known Member

    Same here. I used google maps extensively today along with phone calls, you tube watching, surfing, etc. with no problems. The intent was to have my DX fully discharged in order to do a calibrate for a battery app.

    It took 17 hours to do it with usage way higher than what I normally do.

    It is now charging per the instructions.

    As far as GPS it is always on as is BT and WiFi.

    Guess I am one of the lucky ones... knock on wood.

  17. johnhancock

    johnhancock Newbie

    i would say any application that wont let the phone sleep.
  18. 1977sjr

    1977sjr Member

    I agree with this. As soon as I get home from work, I immediately turn WiFi on to connect to my home network. I have great battery life by using WiFi whenever I'm home in lieu of 3G. WiFi is a battery SAVER if you're connected to a good signal. Plus it's considerably faster than 3G as well. Win and win!
  19. john0821

    john0821 Android Enthusiast

    I just wanted to add having the battery mode set to the default "Performance Mode" is a battery hog as well and setting it to "Smart Mode" has done my battery wonders.
  20. sorka

    sorka Android Enthusiast

    Leaving the GPS on does not mean that it is *on*. It just means apps can turn it on when needed. To see if it's actually on at any moment, you can look for the satellite symbol in the task bar.

    And by far the top killer of battery life by a good order of magnitude is the display.

    Charge your DX. Take it off charge, turn on GPS, leave it google maps, turn on wifi, and bluetooth. And then disable the screen timeout.

    Wait until the phone is about to die. Look at battery monitor. 98% of the battery will have gone to just the screen alone.
  21. Zog Bog

    Zog Bog Newbie

    Surprisingly Pandora isn't as battery intensive as you'd think but XiiLive (Droid live) sure is. It probably has something to do with the large amount of buffing it needs to work correctly.
    Emulators also use a fair amount juice.
  22. redgtconv

    redgtconv Member

    Phone calls! I find that each minute of a phone call drains approx. 1% of battery life. This means that you can get 100 minutes of phone calls max, if you use nothing else on the phone. A far cry from the 8 hrs of talk time promoted by Motorola.
  23. Thong

    Thong Newbie

    It has been 29hours since last plugged in.
    My status is showing 60% battery life left.

    Usage is mainly phone calls (56%)
    with display being the next largest (22%)
    Standby and Idle closed out the list.

    I was getting avg of 24-26 hours and it needing to be recharged.

    The other day I was in a locale when the power went out and I used my X to play youtube videos to keep my daughter occupied.

    Needless to say I ran the battery down so far it was literally crying to be plugged in. Usually when it 1st asks to be plugged in I do so. This time I ran it way past that mark.

    Charged it both in a vehicle charger and off the usb on my comp once I got home.

    Now that charge has lasted since that epsiode as listed above.
  24. marleysweett

    marleysweett Lurker

    advance task killer is a good app to use for better battery life and you can change the settings so you do have to manage it yourself and it will do it for you every 30 min, 1hr etc.
  25. stevez444

    stevez444 Member

    I saw your post and it made me think, what is good battery life to you?

    On a scale of 1 - 10, 10 being heavy, how heavy a user do you consider yourself?


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