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What are the top weather app (international) with nice widgets?


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I really like The Weather Network. They just recently updated the app and made some really nice improvements. The widget is great as it is only 2x1 and displays the current conditions. You can choose different cities for the widget or your can choose to use the location services, so if you move to a different city, it will automatically give you the current conditions for that city. The only down side is that there is not tablet version yet.

For my tablet, I use The Weather Channel app instead.


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I really like The Weather Network.

+1 for The Weather Network app, but MyWeather is also very well done. I find it's more accurate also. There are so many different weather apps and it all depends on what's important to you. On my iPad I have an app called WeatherStation that I hope gets ported over to Android. It has a very nice display. Because no one weather app does it all, I usually have more than one installed to cover all the bases :)


i like weatherbug free - i am rooted so ads are blocked in my hosts file. it has nice widgets including a pretty good 1x1 and it picks up the school right near me as a location choice.
Weatherbug Free


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Can Weatherbug be moved to the SD card or is it another app that has to stay on the phone?
I find that on the Optimus V one has to be careful because it doesn't take much to get the dreaded notification: low on space.


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i like aix weather