Help Toshiba AT305 +2 months battery dies fast


Just 2 months from Frys, new Toshiba AT300 / AT305, Excite 10, 32MB, Normal battery charging, 4 - 10 hours at night when low.

Problem just started last 36 hours.
  • Full charge at 6am, into the case, off to work,
  • 90 minutes later BATTERY DEAD.
  • Back into wall-wart (charger),
  • Fifteen minutes later LONG-HOLD on Power/Sleep button
  • REBOOTS, 10-15 minutes later in wall-wart shows full green bar, 100%, "0s on battery" NOT hours and minutes.
Assume bad power control or battery. Bought at Frys Elex, Oxnard, CA, product registered. About to leave states for vacation.

ADVICE? Fastest way out of the woods? +1-805-616-2471 / efbatey AT gmail DOT com


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Review your apps. If not an app, then it could be a wonky battery.

Review exchange policies, if out of the store's exchange period, then contact the manufacturer for an exchange under warranty.