total noob need suggestions!?!


Hey whats up to everyone in the forum, you guys do a awesome job. Im new to the forum and new to the tech world but im loving it so far. Now as a noob i was wondering what would be the best place to start as far as career wise on a entry level, i really would like to learn more about tech and maybe do it for a living if possible. any advice or suggestions are greatly appreciated thnx in advance guys!!


well Tech is a very wide subject to leave the question open as such, I would highly suggest you take a little time to check out what area you would like to specialise in before looking at entry level training. As it covers not only PC's Mobile devices exs aswell as software development solar panels earth ships and waist recycling to go to the other extream of the spectrum.
I second the above - find your forte ;) Think about what in the vast realm of technology you enjoy the most and also look at your own personal strengths. What would suit your personality?

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I have to agree. I would try out some different things to get a feel for what you really enjoy doing and you're successful at. Then get your degree/training in that specialization.