Total taxes+surchage on a tablet plan in NY?


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Ok, I just got off the phone with a corporate Sprint store, considering I'm strongly looking at the GT3 deal+15 bucks for 2 gigs a month. Now, he indicated, that barring any extra data overages, etc, the total tax+surcharge would be about 15% of the bill. So, if I'm dropping 15 bucks a month, I'm looking at about 2 dollars extra, which he indicated was correct. Just out of curiosity, can anyone else confirm this? I can most likely live with 17 bucks a month for 2 gigs of data.


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You've got about a $1 911 charge and, if you're in the city, about $1.20 in sales tax and probably about another dollar in fees and taxes. (I don't have any of my old NY cellphone bills any more, since I moved to where "snow blower" and "blow drier" are the same implement.) But you're probably looking at about $17.50 all told.