Help Touch Screen doesn't work nor the buttons


The glass was cracked so I brought the ProKit glass replacement on amazon. Found a tutorial on how to do it, used a blow dryer and a laser heat sensor to make sure I didn't go over 200 degrees. I stood around 150 but after getting the glass off and cleaning off the glue really quick, I popped the new adhesive on then the new screen on. I heated it up really quick so the adhesive sticks better, ran my fingers around the edge of the glass to make sure it was secure. I powered on the phone everything was great until I had to punch in my pattern lock, I didn't get really far because the phone glitched out and the touch screen nor the bottom buttons were working. I pulled out the battery, waited for a little then popped it back in and powered it on. This time the whole start up screen is glitched out, this happened one day ago. Today the phone doesn't even show a glitched out start up, instead it's all black and the volume buttons/bottom buttons doesn't work. I guess the only button working is the power button but the boots up itself after popping the battery back in. I'm going to bring it to a shop but I don't want to get ripped off so I was wondering if anyone knows about this, if I got a new LCD screen repair or Digitizer repair done would it actually work? Are those things why the screen is black and buttons don't work? PLEASE HELP!

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I'm sorry to hear of your misfortune :(
You're brave to attempt that repair yourself...and I applaud you for that. I can't offer any insight though...all I can say is to retrace your steps to be sure you did everything correctly.

If you can double confirm that you did it all OK, and it still doesn't work...try to get a replacement screen from amazon. You shouldn't have to contact the manufacturer if it's within 30 days.

If the second screen doesn't work...then I dunno what to tell you. Maybe something else got buggered up.


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Only about 5% of the stories ive read on here about people replacing the glass have been a success :(
I think theres a ribon wire at the bottom right for the digitizer and its easily damaged but i dont know why the actual display and the soft keys arent working. Sorry man and i also applaud you for trying it.
Dont know what id do if i broke the glass. Its too expensive to replace the whole unit but replacing the glass seems messy and a bit hit n miss.
Good luck man :beer:

P.s, the display is AMOLED (LED) so steer clear of any advertised as LCD :thumbup: