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Touch screen going crazy and apps closing

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by luvmyfascinate, May 17, 2011.

  1. luvmyfascinate

    Thread Starter

    Often my touchscreen vibrates and acts like I am touching it randomly and a few of my apps will close. I have to turn the screen off and back on to get back to what I was doing. Help!

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  2. Finitesd

    Finitesd Lurker

    I am experiencing pretty much the same problem with my fascinate that I just bought 2 weeks ago. Only my phone "freaks out" when I'm browsing the internet and not apps. It's getting really annoying. For example, I'll be doing my fantasy baseball league and will sometimes have two or more windows going and my phone will start vibrating (the same as when I hit keys) and will start going back to previous pages or sometimes some of my tabs/windows will close. This only happens when I'm on the internet. And it suddenly stops when I turn off the "mobile data" toggle switch only to sometimes start up again when I turn it back on. It almost seems as if my phone has a mind of its own or maybe i've been hacked or its being controlled remotely by someone or something.

    Does anybody know what might be causing this or anuthing I can do to stop this from happening? Any help would be much appreciated. I'm going to create my own thread on this topic as well but figured I'd post in here as well.


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