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Nov 7, 2009
Marco Island, Florida
My OG Droid's touch screen is about worthless. I can hold out until Sep. 8th for the Droid Bionic (I can borrow a phone short term).

Are there any other phone's to consider? The only thing I am concerned about is the possibility of the bootloader being locked.

I have enjoyed being able to flash ROMs, etc. on my D1 and I would be sad to have a phone I couldn't play with.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.
Sorry to hear your DROID is on its last legs.

your other post had one response.

Bionic is pretty close to certain to drop on 8 Sept but there are considerations as well - including the rumored DROID Prime in Oct (unrealistic to me) or Nov (more realistic to me). Check out the Bionic forums for more info - a lot of us there are in the same boat as you. Motorola Droid Bionic - Android Forums

Another contender (and at this point, probably the hands down next must-have phone) is the Prime - see Nexus Prime - Android Forums

Do a lot of reading - it's the best way to make in informed decision. Be sure to read the All Things root subforums of each one as well - you might be surprised.