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Touch screen not working and phone constantly vibrating, why?

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by Lila, Aug 3, 2013.

  1. Lila

    Lila Guest
    Thread Starter

    All of a sudden my android phone, sony ericsson, was lighting long without being in use. I touched it and it started vibrating constantly. I restarted the phone but the problem still exist. Before it has solved itself when I have restarted it. It not only vibrate constantly, the phone shows 38 missed calls plus the date has changed to january 1980! nothing can be done and the phone constantly vibrate, the screen does not work at all, only some touches work but it quickly jumps back to the start point, like I go backwards and out from the phone not doing nothing! why is this happening? I have tried 2 hours soon. It doesnt help restart the phone. How on earth can the phone show 38 missed calls out of the blue????


  2. Skinnyjeans21

    Skinnyjeans21 Android Expert

    Welcome to AndroidForums Lila!

    I own a ZTE Warp, and I've had that problem happen to me before. A restart helped me, but a few days later the problem returned. A reflash of my rom solved my issue, however in your case I'm not sure if you are rooted or not, so a factory reset may work for you.

    EDIT: I'm going to need a bit of information on your phone (is it rooted, are you running a custom rom, or are you running it without any modifications of the sort?)
  3. Lila

    Lila Lurker

    Thank you for your reply, skinnyjeans!

    I am not sure if my phone is rooted, but I can modify/change many settings. The problem seemed to be over yesterday night, but today morning it started again. I did many times turn off the phone yesterday and took out the sim card as well, but to no help. Today when doing the same the problem was still there, but then I did try reset the phone and having it off for a while, 30 minutes or so, and the phone went back to normal. The 38 missed calls disappeared from the screen and the date turned to normal by itself. Lol. I still wonder why this happens? the buttons down on the phone, not the icons, but all other buttons in right/left corners jumped every second non stop like crazy, bouncing up and down.

    Add: Also what I noticed is that the sound did not work like normal when pushing the sound buttons up and down, there were no sound at the lowest level. But that is normal again too. It was real weird, because all I did yesterday was loading my phone and when finish it started light by itself and went nuts.
  4. Skinnyjeans21

    Skinnyjeans21 Android Expert

    Glad to see you decided to join our community! :)
    And I do think that perhaps it was an app causing that issue, it can happen sometimes whether or not the phone is rooted. Either way, I do reccomend a factory reset, I know it sucks to lose data (its happened to me on my desktop, laptop, all my phones at least once...), but I'm afraid its the only fix I know of since I don't know if you are rooted.
  5. Lila

    Lila Lurker

    Thank you :) And thanks for the info, yes it sucks to lose data, I have experienced that once too on my laptop. Very frustrating. The weird thing is that I am not connected to internet via my phone ( by own choice ) so it cannot be an app either that caused it. Unless and maybe you mean apps that comes with the phone can cause it. I will remember your advice about the factory reset. I did only nullify my settings because I didnt want to lose any data, but it worked :)
  6. Skinnyjeans21

    Skinnyjeans21 Android Expert

    Glad to hear it worked Lila :)
  7. cvic

    cvic Well-Known Member

  8. Lila

    Lila Lurker

    Nope its not solved, it started again this morning out of the blue. So annoying. I deleted all data and hard reset my phone. But same problem exist so I will use my 24 hours guarantee. It must be a malfunction of some kind :(

    What is weird is that if you let the phone rest for some minutes it seems fine but it doesnt take long before it starts the same craziness.

    Add: my phone has been normal again since I wrote here. Not sure will it last or for how long.

    Also one can never know if ones phone is tried being hacked. The one sign is that our phones starts acting weird. And one notice one need to charge the battery much more often. I already have had to charge my battery again and I have not even used the phone since yesterday when I charged it. I have never have had to charge my battery every day when phone hasnt been in use. I am not having any internet connections though, but who knows what people can do today.

    Add : this evening same problem have started again..I give up. One thing is for sure and that this is not normal and that something is going on. I have just charged my phone again and it starts. Only difference in the two last charges is that I have used another socketlets.
  9. Skinnyjeans21

    Skinnyjeans21 Android Expert

    Its either bad hardware or a bad rom
  10. Lila

    Lila Lurker

    If this is the reason, how does this happen?
  11. Skinnyjeans21

    Skinnyjeans21 Android Expert

    I honestly don't have the slightest idea why it happens, maybe the programming just "deteriorates" after some time. That's always been my theory. I do know that reinstalling the system helps with this, but that requires root and a custom rom.
  12. Lila

    Lila Lurker

    Ok, yes maybe that can be a cause. If so is it would be a very bad thing of a 1-2 year old phone. I deleted all data again and hard reset and the phone has been normal since then. For so long ..lol

    Thank you for your help :)
  13. Skinnyjeans21

    Skinnyjeans21 Android Expert

    You're very welcome :D
  14. Lila

    Lila Lurker

    My phone has been normal for two days, it just vibrated today a couple of times after I had received a phone call. I did push the off button fast because I know then that the vibrating stops. Phone has been normal again since the phone call. I remember that my phone suddenly had put itself in safe mode when the issue started the first time.

    Why did the phone set itself in safe mode? My phone isnt connected to internet so its weird.

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