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Touch screen not working unless reset

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by texanman, Sep 20, 2011.

  1. texanman

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    First and formost I must say I like the phone and my service with Virgin and after about 3 trade-outs I finally got a phone that works...Well kind of...

    My touchscreen will become unresponsive after some time when I am doing stuff on the phone such as changing a setting or just browsing the web. At first I thought it was something I had installed so I reset the phone back to factory settings but the issue appeared again, thought it could be because I rooted it so I put back the stock rom and it still has the same issue. The phone does not lock up its just that the whole touchscreen + buttons just fails to work... If I lock then unlock the phone it starts working for about a minute before it locks again.... I even contacted Motorola and they are 110% clueless on the state of the phone... the first person I got a hold of never even herd of this phone before... are there any fixes what so ever out?? It is past the return date on the phone and this issue started occurring after the return policy


  2. stef7

    stef7 Android Expert

    YMMV. Well, I contend that Froyo, or some poorly written apps (or low-level base routines on phones like the MT) may be making things unreliable.

    Once every couple of days, I completely power down the phone.

    Between those days, I run Advanced Task Killer and 1Tap Cache Cleaner downloaded from the market.

    Doing these things keeps the unit always responsive.

    Everyone says the Android OS is good at managing memory and there is no need to use a cleaner or killer, but honestly, I beg to differ as my experience teaches me otherwise.

    I've seen the benefits of cleaning things periodically on both a Samsung Intercept (Running Eclair and then Froyo), and the MT running Froyo.

    Supposidly, Gingerbread will be even better at memory management.

    Remember, there could be some buggy programs you are using, or there could be a low-level problem with the phone's services or drivers. Hard to say.

    Try my suggestion and report back in a few days if it helps you.

    Oh yeah, download a program like Free Advanced Task Manager, and move your programs to the SDCard.

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