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Touch screen Problem with micromax A70

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mygeneticcode, May 1, 2012.

  1. mygeneticcode

    mygeneticcode Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I bought one new micromax A 70 before six months, its working fine for last six months but now i met with a problem, automatically the screens are moving here and there and the touch keys like back key, settings key, home key and search key at the bottom is not working.how to fix the problem. please provide solution ASAP.

  2. safiuddinkhan

    safiuddinkhan Newbie

    go service centre. its a hardware problem...
  3. akshaybz

    akshaybz Android Enthusiast

    Does this happen while charging your phone?
  4. thunderthump

    thunderthump Newbie

    Hi there, I too have the same problem as mentioned by MYGENETICCODE. I had rolled back to stock rom but can anyone help me, how to roll back to stock CWM recovery? since I am using CMW recovery v5.0.2.3 for now, so that i give my A70 for servicing.

    Thanks in advance :)
  5. samsouyma

    samsouyma Member

    download the file from a thread "update a70"
    that's an app which will let u restore the original recovery and the stock rom like it was when u bought a70
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  6. thunderthump

    thunderthump Newbie

    Thank you samsouyma for your reply.
    I found the forum and downloaded the content but for some weird reason, I couldn't connect my phone to the BDLT client software. I have tried reinstalling the drivers, can you help me with this too?
  7. samsouyma

    samsouyma Member

    even this was problem with my pc too..
    i got my laptop and installed a70 drivers to it than
    switched off my fone
    holding the camera key and the volume down key
    i connected it to the laptop
    ticked userdata
    start button blinked
    and finally got that working
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  8. gargrishab

    gargrishab Newbie

    Hey Guyz I'm also having the same problem with the touch earlier also I was having the same problem , I got the touch replaced from the service centre now after 2 months again I am having the same problem and also when I keep the phone on a flat surface the touch does not work properly can anyone tell what can be the solution for this problem.....
  9. stylishsmarty

    stylishsmarty Newbie

    hey guys when I unlock the phone my keyboard pops up and then my touch does not works completly then I have to lock and unlock and it works ..... also my softkeys start blinking and touch stops working please advise.....

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  10. theperfectpunk

    theperfectpunk Well-Known Member

    When your phone is just sitting on a table and you touch the display, you may not create enough capacitance with the touchscreen for it to register as a touch (as opposed to resistive touchscreens which needed only physical contact but were less accurate as a result). Touching the body of the phone basically creates a common ground or voltage reference point for the phone, allowing your finger to create the needed amount of capacitance (in technical terms, no longer a floating ground). Whenever I touch the screen while the phone is lying on a table, I just always make sure to rest either my thumb or ring finger on one of the edges.

    A lot of factors will also come into play---whether or not your phone is in a case, type of material the phone is resting on, the level of humidity in the air, even potentially the type of shoes you are wearing. This is why sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

    What apps did you last install?:thinking:
  11. gargrishab

    gargrishab Newbie

    Hey man gud explanation but this is not the case with the samsungs and the sonys.....
  12. thunderthump

    thunderthump Newbie


    Thank you man, will try it out sometime :)
  13. rishu

    rishu Member

    hey evry1
    there iz this problem im facing that while scrolling in menu or draging widgets on home screen ,either of the apps starts automatically!!!plss help!1
  14. vijay bhaskar

    vijay bhaskar Lurker

    i had the same problem it happened to me in jan i sent it to the service center after a month they sent me a new handset!(apart from back panel and batter because they didnt take it) just give it to them and keep bugging them by calling to the service center then you'll get it back after a month or else god knows when! :p
  15. ams04

    ams04 Well-Known Member

    In hybrid rom:
    I have this problem when charging is 99- 100 or charged with charger connected

    In ics themed rom:
    Problem start as soon as charger connected.....i have to unlock the phone/take calls by removing charger
  16. Eluviet

    Eluviet Well-Known Member

    i had this problem when i was using Hybrid (any version) and on the stock but since i moved to Froyo Cream it has ceased.

    try using a diff Charger. i use my BB's charger and it hasnt had any problems.
  17. gta

    gta Android Enthusiast

    micromax is just shit ...... u better sell ur phone instead giving to service center coz it will save ur time ... they gonna take damm good amount of months to repair ur phone ...
  18. Hey....I m facing the same problem now..
    How did u solve it..???
    Pls helpp..!!!!!
  19. Eluviet

    Eluviet Well-Known Member

    LOL I threw my handset on the floor a couple of times and it works now. slight crack on the screen but i can live with that since i use it as a wifi hotspot for my Galaxy Note and HTC Wildfire S

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