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Touch Screen Sensitivity

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jhovak, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. jhovak

    jhovak Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I was thinking of getting this phone and gave it a try at the verizon store the other day. The touch screen seems overly sensitive, has anyone else noticed this? Was this just a problem with the unit I tried, is Broken Out ROM any better?

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  2. TheBigKahuna

    TheBigKahuna Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't call it overly sensitive at all. At least mine isn't. Even before I added a screen protector, mine wasn't "overly sensitive".
  3. Parshooter

    Parshooter Well-Known Member

    I think the keyboard is much more sensitive than the touch screens for apps.
  4. MrB206

    MrB206 Android Expert

    It's better than Droids, except for the razr. I like the sensitivity on the spectrum, but find many apps aren't designed to work well with our device, so some apps don't always respond.
  5. stef7

    stef7 Android Expert

    Until I get replacements, I left the protective film that shipped on the phone (got kind of a greenish tint under bright light).

    I find the sensitivity of my phone pretty darn good.
  6. MrB206

    MrB206 Android Expert

    Yea the one that comes with the phone is awesome. One issue with Ghost Armor is it's rubberized, so it has a slight distortion to the HD picture. My current phone is a replacement, so the protector VZ sent it with had 'GOOD AS NEW' or some such mess on it, so I had to remove it. :/
  7. hollywoods14

    hollywoods14 Android Expert

    The spectrum seems to be slightly more sensitive than the Ally, which I like. i would not describe it as over sensitive though.
  8. MrB206

    MrB206 Android Expert

    My wife's Razr... cripes.. that thing is too sensitive. I'm happy with the Spectrum sensitivity and it's not reduced with a thicker screen protector, which I REALLY like. That was a beef I had with older Droids.
  9. stef7

    stef7 Android Expert

    Wish I knew the original protector.. Where to get ones like it.
  10. MrB206

    MrB206 Android Expert

    Verizon sells them. I went with non-vz because my buddy liked the ghost armor he has on his phone.
  11. hollywoods14

    hollywoods14 Android Expert

    i liked the stock, but love the zagg. It just gives me more piece of mind for some reason.
  12. liteon163

    liteon163 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, it seems to me that the touchscreen on my Spectrum is a bit too high.

    I use SwiftKey all the time and sometimes it registers my strokes of the top row of keys as accepting its predictions. It's really quite annoying because the times it's worst is when I'm in a hurry.

    Yeah, I know what you're thinking: that I should slow down and make sure I'm actually hitting the correct keys. SwiftKey has the ability to show me a heat map of where on the keyboard I am touching. My accuracy is really good, and the top row shows that I hit toward the bottom of each key.

    I contacted SwiftKey about it, suggesting that maybe the Spectrum's HD screen is more than the keyboard can handle right now. Of course, they said it's my fault.

    I think it's a combination of the screen being too sensitive and SwiftKey not being able to work with 1280x720 as well as it handles 800x480.

    Hopefully this is an issue that will be resolved with the eventual ICS update.
  13. finndo77

    finndo77 Android Expert

    Mostly I have issues with scrolling, the spectrum scrolls when I am trying to touchsomething on screen, a link, or a button, or an app. Often happens after I scroll then tap to stop the scrolling, then try to hit whatever I scrolled to. Instead of selecting whatever I pressed, it starts scrolling again
  14. juny20

    juny20 Well-Known Member

    I have the opposite problem! :thinking:

    My Spectrum's screen, to me, is not as responsive as the Razr or my old Droid X, or even my wife's Continuum. Too many times I find myself double pressing. At times, is like I need to press harder???? I am use to barely touch the screen, but with my Spectrum, I find myself pressing harder, or twice and it is getting me somewhat frustrated. Is there any way to change screen sensitivity settings via software?
  15. MrB206

    MrB206 Android Expert

    There's several reasons for that issue, so it depends on what rom you're running, what governor you have on the kernel and if you're running an alternate home app, like ADW.

    I get that issue sometimes, but I'm running a more conservative governor with ADW, so the phone is a tad slower to respond to touches immediately after waking.
  16. juny20

    juny20 Well-Known Member

    Hi Mr. B, I am running Broken Out 2.0, conservative governor, overclocked at 1.8, and Go Launcher. Any recommendations to make the screen super sensitive and snappy? I wouldn't mind the most minimalistic set-up if it means gaining speed...
  17. finndo77

    finndo77 Android Expert

    Using broken out even less 2.0 with adw launcher, the stock screen protector, sometimes at 1.8GHz and I find the screen so sensitive it is annoying. Even before broken out overclocked I felt this way. I came from an HTC Evo, although I've never had any issue with either being unsensitive.
  18. MrB206

    MrB206 Android Expert

    Switch to lagfree governor. It has the power savings of conservative but is more responsive. I found a lot of the lag issues resolved when I switched to lagfree.
  19. juny20

    juny20 Well-Known Member

    Thanks Mr. B.
    Ok, I changed the governor to lagfree. It seems a lot more responsive, but I want to make sure it is not a placebo effect... so, I will keep testing it. Thank you!
  20. IMUcarmen

    IMUcarmen Android Expert

    if you want a super fast launcher I highly suggest FTL launcher. I bought the pro version after I tried it. i don't use it right now because I'm rocking tsf shell (which is also super snappy) but FTL launcher is definitely the fastest I've seen.
  21. liteon163

    liteon163 Well-Known Member

    It just dawned on me that touchscreen sensitivity is probably so high because of the high resolution of the screen. A person's finger covers a lot more pixels with this screen than on other phones, so I'm sure small variations can lead to very large outcomes.

    Assuming that ICS deals better with higher resolutions, the screen should do better when (if?) we get our upgrade.
  22. Darryl

    Darryl Lurker

    It seems to me that the question was not if you like the sensitivity on your phone (although glad you are happy with it) but the question was i believe does anyone know how to change the sensitivity on the phone now that would be greatly appreciated ............... Thank You Darryl ;)
  23. MrB206

    MrB206 Android Expert

    I like it compared to my older phones, but it's terrible compared to my Transformer Pad TF300T. So it's relative.

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