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Touchscreen calibration is off - Anyone else?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by darrinaltman, Jan 7, 2010.

  1. darrinaltman

    darrinaltman Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Loving the phone but every once in a while - like three times yesterday and once today the touchscreen goes haywire. I click on an icon and it doesnt register or the icon below is activated. On the keyboard I tap a letter and another key is activated. If I turn off phone and then back on all is perfect again for a while. It seems to be happening in the lower third of the screen. Anyone experience this? Do you think software or hardware? Im thinking software because the reset fixes problem.

    Thanks for comments.

  2. pips

    pips Newbie

    Had that problem this morning, did a battery pull and that fixed it...
  3. darrinaltman

    darrinaltman Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Im guessing when I turn off and back on that does the same thing as a battery pull. Maybe its a software issue and they will fix right away - I would hate to have to send mine back.

    Let me know if it reoccurs on yours.
  4. jameskk

    jameskk Newbie

    same here... very annoying
  5. scottricketts

    scottricketts Newbie

    Haven't seen it yet.
  6. omatix

    omatix Newbie

    I'm noticing this a little too. If a battery pull fixes it, it's likely to be software, I think.
  7. darrinaltman

    darrinaltman Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I sent HTC a support email. I will post their response if I get one.
  8. Karganeth

    Karganeth Newbie

    Maybe its not the phone. Perhaps its you who is calibrated incorrectly.
  9. darrinaltman

    darrinaltman Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    The second part of your post might be true, but for sure there is something also with phone. :)
  10. cigar3tte

    cigar3tte Android Enthusiast

    Can you guys confirm if battery pull fixes it? Permanently or temporarily?
  11. Fdelys

    Fdelys Lurker

    had that problem when I first took my nexus one out of the box. I put it to sleep and woke it up, and it went to normal. I bet it's a hardware thing- there are a lot of little glitch things that are clearly going to fixed like that with an OTA update soon. i wouldn't be surprised if the soft keys got a fix, as well, as the touch zone isn't dead on for them.
  12. darrinaltman

    darrinaltman Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    hardware would mean an update wouldnt fix it. did you mean to say its not a hardware thing?
  13. Mig

    Mig Lurker

    I'm having the same problems, I'm having a hell of a time hitting the E, S, and Z keys.
  14. darrinaltman

    darrinaltman Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Here is what HTC sent me.

    New Response From [ James (North America Support (Tech)) ]
    Dear Darrin,

    Thank you for contacting HTC Support.

    I want to thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. I will forward this on to our development team so that they may take a look at it. If an update is released it will be sent OTA or placed on our website.

    Once again, thank you for contacting HTC Support.


    HTC Support
  15. jameskk

    jameskk Newbie

    I seem to be having this problem more and more over the last couple of days. Battery pull seems to be the only solution that temporarily fixes it. I am sure this can be fixed via software otherwise the battery pull wouldn't work. HTC needs to get this fixed ASAP!!!
  16. darrinaltman

    darrinaltman Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I think its a Google issue since it must be software. And to save you time I think just turning off phone and back on does the same as battery pull. If you cant get the "Phone Off" option to highlight just use track ball. I wonder how we bring this to Google's attention?? Hopefully HTC will really look into and advise Google.
  17. dgravo

    dgravo Newbie

    Mine is all F'ed up also. Half the time when I press the space bar it doesn't respond and for some reason I have to hit the letter o multiple times. Also, it won't register when I try to tap in a text box in messages to reply. I don't remeber this happening on my Droid or Eris.
  18. jameskk

    jameskk Newbie

    turning off/on doesn't fix it. I turned the phone off and back on 3 times this morning and finally had to pull the battery in order to fix it.

    it just started happening again just a few min. ago. very annoying. I press the text message icon and the menu button activates... press the menu button and the screen flip to another page!

    this phone is really making me appreciate my Droid.
  19. twilson13

    twilson13 Lurker

    Mine is having the EXACT same issues. When I go into the messaging app it doesn't register that I am tapping the text box. Sometimes it will take 10 touches to finally recognize. It is super annoying, and it also seems to affect how well the keyboard works and the softkeys. I am a bit disappointed with this, but overall I like the phone better than my iphone 3g or my wife's 3gs. I just wish they had a better soft keyboard! Has anyone contacted google support with this problem?
  20. rookie1082

    rookie1082 Member

    If it doesnt respond when you hit a text box to reply to a text, change to landscape mode and then change back. It will respond then. It's a little workaround that I found instead of having to sit there tapping the screen 10-20 times.
  21. twilson13

    twilson13 Lurker

    Thanks for the tip. I really hope that a fix comes down the pipe soon!
  22. jameskk

    jameskk Newbie

    you can also just press the trackball button. it will bring up the keyboard as long as the box is highlighted which is most of the time.
  23. Mig

    Mig Lurker


    Who did you email/contact about this? It would probably be beneficial to make a little noise about this, since there are at least a few people who have noticed these issues, and probably more that just haven't bothered to go out and look online about it.

    I haven't had a chance to dig around, I'm guessing there's a support email on HTC's site, I'll look around when I get home from work.
  24. darrinaltman

    darrinaltman Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I was having this problem three to four times a day. I would just restart the phone and it would resolve for a while. Anyways, I read in another thread how someone was told by Tmobile for a different problem to do a battery pull and "keep battery out for at least 60 seconds" so I decided to try this for the screen problem. I pulled it out for a couple of minutes and placed it back in and I have now gone from yesterday morning early until tonight with no screen problems at all. Try this! I wonder if the battery has to sit perfectly or it creates this??
  25. alejovh1

    alejovh1 Well-Known Member

    Same problem here, very anoying

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