Oct 24, 2014
Hi guys

I have moved from iPhone to a note 4 and loving it!

I was just wondering if anyone has found the touch screen occasionally doesn't respond to their touch and you have to touch it again. On the iPhone it only ever missed a touch if my finger was in the wrong place, but it never happened on the keyboard. Every so often maybe 5/6 times a day I touch a key on the keyboard and nothing happens, when I try again it's fine. I can't reproduce it, because when I tap anywhere on the keyboard something gets pressed. I was just wondering if this was normal?

Hope you are enjoying your phones!!
Hi Storm and welcome to Android Forums!

I can only suggest that you go into Settings and make sure that extra screen sensitivity is checked. This is generally used in winter time when many people wear gloves. I hope this helps.

It's great to have you here :)
No increasing sensitivity hasn't helped. Apart from when this happens once or twice an an hour, the screen is pleasingly sensitive
I am having the same issue. I do however have one of the ZAGG screen protectors on my phone, and I do have the extra sensitivity checked in the settings. I am lead to believe that it's an issue with the screen protector but I'm too afraid to take it off and try the screen naked!
I have the m8 and suffer the same issue. It's usually another part of the screen being contacted by my hand or digits which nullifies my intended touch. Just mmy2 cents.
I have the m8 and suffer the same issue. It's usually another part of the screen being contacted by my hand or digits which nullifies my intended touch. Just mmy2 cents.

I thought the same, but that doesn't happen in my case. I have set the phone down on a flat surface and tried tapping with my index finger and it still does it. It seems as if the S Pen doesn't have any issues when I use it, just my finger.
I have found that if I touch part of the keyboard with my thumb I can still type. Also if I lie part of my thumb on the screen above my keyboard I can still type, so I don't think having part of you hand on the screen affects it.

I don't have a screen protector and I have the galaxy s-view case.

I have tried factory resetting my note 4 today and I'm not installing any apps for a few days to see if it makes a difference.
Are you using the Samsung keyboard? Is it only happening when trying to use a keyboard? If so, try downloading Swiftkey and see if the same issue occurs. A) You'll probably like Swiftkey better, and B) that may clear it up for you.

Otherwise, if the factory reset doesn't seem to clear it up, I would go back to your Sprint store and ask for a replacement. Maybe play around with the demo units in the store and see if they have the same problem.
I rang Samsung this morning. They suggested I take it and get a replacement after the factory reset didn't work. The replacement seems a lot faster and I'm not having any issues at the moment. I haven't installed any firmware updates at the moment.
I am on my third Galaxy Note 4 from Sprint. I exchanged one last Saturday 11/8/14 because the first Note 4 had a problem with digitizing marks from the stylus with a quarter size hole on the right middle of the application whether it was s-note or one-note or autodesk sketchbook. When I brought home the second Note 4 received on 11/8/14, it had the same problem. I could draw lines up and down on s-note and a quarter sized hole would appear among the line drawings where no line could be drawn just like in the first phone. I went back tocell carrier who I bought if from again on11/10/14 and showed the tech who agreed that there was a problem and exchanged the second phone for a third phone.The digitizer worked fine in the store and I could draw lines back and forth across s-note and it would appear. HOWEVER when I got to my office and reinstalled one note and autodesk sketchbook , the quarter sized digitizer hole problem reappeared!!! Even in S-note.I am about to pull out my hair in frustration. The tech was as baffled as I was. It appears to be hard ware related issue since the same hole appeared in 3 different apps. What puzzles me is why in this third phone, it worked fine in the store this morning and when I got to my office and reinstalled the apps, the problem reappeared. Could it bethat One Note or Autodesk is interacting with the phone to create this hole?I am not sure. I am on way back to Sprint store and see if they can fix the phone or swap it for a fourth phone. Does anyone have any ideas why a quarter sized hole would appear in the digitizer area where no marks can be made in apps like s-note or one-note or autodesk sketchbook in three brand new Note 4 phones from Sprint? Could there be some weird interaction with some app and the digitizer. Is there a way to recalibrate the digitizer?
removed the magnet from the front of the case and still had the problem. Then removed the entire case from the phone and the problem got fixed!!! Maybe the back of the case was also magnetized somehow? Anyway, brilliant insight! Many many thanks!