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Touchscreen problems?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by puntil1, Oct 11, 2014.

  1. puntil1

    puntil1 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Has anyone had trouble with the LG Volt touchscreen? Every so often it stops responding to swiping of any kind, even though tapping works like normal. When I try swiping left or right on the home screen, it usually thinks I'm tapping on whatever icon instead of swiping. Similarly, I can't swipe down the notification bar or scroll properly in any app. The problem usually starts after I've been using it continuously for an extended period, such as watching a long video or streaming Pandora. It resolves on its own, sometimes within seconds, sometimes hours later. Turning the screen off and on doesn't help, and restarting doesn't help either.

    It's very similar to a problem I found out about on the LG G2, which can be seen in this youtube video. When I tried the QuickMemo thing as seen in the video, I get a bunch of dots rather than smooth lines.

    Anyone have any experience with this? I'm using a VM Volt, ZV3, rooted.

    EDIT: In case anyone else is having the same problem: it seems like the issue was caused by having my phone encrypted. I had to encrypt it in order to sync my school email to it. I was planning on doing a factory reset and starting over, but when I unsynced the email account and unencrypted my storage, the phone went back to normal.

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  2. lxebell

    lxebell Member

    Yeah me to but I'm using zx4 or whatever lol I just restart it
  3. puntil1

    puntil1 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    For me, even restarting doesn't work half the time
  4. bg4m3r

    bg4m3r Android Expert

    No problems here.
  5. Rarewolf

    Rarewolf Android Expert

    i just click my ram booster and it smooths out 60 percent all the time Everytime.
  6. donjuro

    donjuro Android Expert

    Sometimes I get this little thing where when I turn my screen on a very small portion doesn't work, so I'll be swiping on the keyboard and all of a sudden it stops, so I just turn the screen off and turn it back on and it works. But I don't think I've had that problem since I've updated to zv4.
    But lately for no reason I've started having trouble with my soft keys. When my phone's on the charger they stop working, and occasionally the back key kind of stops working for me.
  7. puntil1

    puntil1 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    In case anyone else is having the same problem: it seems like the issue was caused by having my phone encrypted. I had to encrypt it in order to sync my school email to it. I was planning on doing a factory reset and starting over, but when I unsynced the email account and unencrypted my storage, the phone went back to normal.
  8. petermg

    petermg Newbie

    I'm having this problem but my phone is NOT encrypted.... trying a factory reset. I've only have this phone less than a month.
  9. petermg

    petermg Newbie

    Wow, what a POS this phone is for doing this. Doing what's described in this thread and here:

    I bought it at Radio Shack online not even one month ago, hopefully I can get an exchange or something.. this is LAME. NOTHING is fixing this. Hard reset still broken.
  10. kevincott

    kevincott Android Expert

    I just came to the Volt forums just to check on touch-screen issues.

    I use a swipe-pattern but my Volt is extremely unreliable. It will recognize my initial touch then act as if i pulled my finger away, often times going back to sleep as I keep trying to swipe-pattern.

    I have had to remove my lock-screen which annoys me to no end. Now a simple swipe unlocks my phone, which aNYONE CAN DO IF THEY PICK IT UP.
  11. bg4m3r

    bg4m3r Android Expert

    So go exchange the phone. There's obviously something wrong with it.
  12. kevincott

    kevincott Android Expert

    Not really an option.

    I bought the phone online and no longer have the box. Also I gave my old phone (Moto G) to my brother.

    I was hoping this was a common issue that has a software fix.
  13. bg4m3r

    bg4m3r Android Expert

    Yeah, that sucks. Unfortunately this is likely a defect in the touchscreen. Maybe try taking it in to a store and see if they can help you.
  14. anna fosh

    anna fosh Lurker

    Everything I've tried has not work like restarting my phone, factory reset ect. Has not worked and this same problem will go on all day except maybe for a few hours if any. I constantly keep my background apps to a minuim but it only quits by it self and starts with no signs. Its a good phone, has everything I could possibly need and want but this problem is the only thing that frustrates me about it.... Any suggestions?
  15. bg4m3r

    bg4m3r Android Expert

    Wrong thread?

    To try to help, try disabling or uninstalling any apps you sent using.
  16. JWM78

    JWM78 Lurker

    I have had my LG Volt for three weeks. Initially I loved it. It worked great! However, for the last five days the keyboard (I use the google keyboard) comes up when I start to type in the search, it pops back down. I have to repeatedly tap the search box to bring it back up. Sometimes it will come back up only to disappear mid-type.
    And/or a page won't load. Chrome goes to the "Aw Snap, error page" half the time. Or kicks me off the browser completely.
    I've uninstalled apps I've downloaded and make sure I close out those still running in the background. It's extremely frustrating. Extremely. I feel like throwing my phone. This phone was a replacement for an HTC Desire 816 that broke. I had insurance through radioshack, but my replacement phone choices were only two. I hope that our laptop doesn't break.
  17. Cameron Cobb

    Cameron Cobb Lurker

    I have had this exact problem with this phone and I have fixed it. First thing you want to do is get rid of your phone holster that closes with a magnet. Second you want to take a much more powerful magnet and he goes your phone with it by going round and round and round in circles with the magnet and then pull it back from the phone. Do this with the phone off and then turn it back on and check the results.
  18. Curtis1973

    Curtis1973 Android Expert

    Its called degauzing on old school tv screens. The screen picks up a magnetic charge due to being exposed to a magnet and its magnetic field. On old tvs it would distort screen colors. I could see how this might effect the device. I do not suggest touching the screen with the magnet. I do not even suggest this fix unless you know the magnet of a device holster caused the issue. Screen distortion may happen depending on type of screem in device. If you do try the degauze method just get in as close as you can to the screen without touching it and make small to large circles from center of screen out to the edge continuing the circles until you are no longer over the screen surface at all. Do this with power off. Then reboot. Honestly though most of these screens are not made the same way old tvs are so this may make no difference at all.
  19. LelandTheDuck

    LelandTheDuck Lurker

    Having the exact same problems. Keyboard, touchscreen, chrome. I'm also having issues with apps closing randomly, dialer App locking up. I just factory reset yesterday, still having issues.
  20. Curtis1973

    Curtis1973 Android Expert

    all of this points to running out of memory. which can cause every issue mentioned here. if any of you all are on stock non rooted...seriously....root the device and get one of the debloated roms and use a gapps package like open gapps. I never experience any of these problems. My volt is running butter smooth.
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  21. BigDoggenest

    BigDoggenest Lurker

    In addition to the debloating, try using a less aggressive OOM setting in your kernel.

    I had this problem with this phone and honestly I usually just cleaned the screen and everything would go back to working perfectly. I don't know if it's just me but this screen seems to get greasy ridiculously easy. However, once I rooted and switched to a less bloated Rom (I used @Curtis1973 's version which I am so thankful for) which made the number of times a day I had to clean the screen drop drastically.

    After switching to less aggressive OOM settings, it became even better.

    Tldr; My hands are apparently really greasy and a debloated rom with pacifist OOM helps the touchscreen issues wonderfully.
  22. Angel1980

    Angel1980 Lurker

    I bought an LG volt from boost mobile in July of 2015. They pushed this via promotion yet neglected to inform me that it was running off an old operating system. Love this phone but also had problems from the start. At First the screen would flash black and the phone would shutdown and restart on it's own. Then I started having problems with my keyboard so I set the phone to use another preinstalled keyboard. Then it would take up to three hours for a text or voicemail notification to come through. Now it seems as though nothing will work properly. My apps. (Fb, games etc.) Say not responding. My home screen has not responded. The touch screen does not respond to my touch. Sometimes restarting it or pulling the battery will help temporarily resolve the issues. Temperarily as in mins. Or hours. I have tried clearing my cache, uninstalling all my apps. Even a factory reset. Tried not reinstalling certain apps. suck as Fb and app. Locks having been told they can bring unwanted headaches to phone. And at least two thirds of my internal memory is still free. I Did have a 4 GBP memory and replaced that with the 16 GBP I now have in it and transfer what apps I can to that. Still the same issues. Could these be the operating system like the guy at boost said or could it be something else. Do you know what the problem may be and do you know of any fixes for it? Also, I am not familiar with the things you mentioned in this post. Could you elaborate on those if you think it may help me with my phone?
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  23. bg4m3r

    bg4m3r Android Expert

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  24. Curtis1973

    Curtis1973 Android Expert

    Hi Angel1980.

    First lets try to make this as easy and painless as possible. All of it looks confusing but by using this much simpler method to gain control of your device,it will be a breeze. You will need to do some downloading to prepare to get control of your device and use it the way you want and get rid of all that carrier garbage.

    First we want to do some pre prep of downloading all the needed files and placing them on your external sdcard.

    First is Kingroot get it here https://www.roidbay.com/download/apk/1013 ,download and move it to your external sd if it downloaded to internal sd card.

    Next is an app called flashify,get it here and move it to external sdcard: http://aff.giveawaycrew.com/d.php?p=1191&i=com.cgollner.flashify&v=1.9.2

    Up next is our recovery that allows you to backup and restore your operating system plus install new operating systems,among other things it does... get it here and move it to external sdcard: https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=24052804347771339

    next is google apps package we will install with new operating system below,get it and move it to your external sdcard : https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=24369303960687838

    And finally we want to get you a new spiffy operating system I think mine will do you nicely. Get it here and move it to external sdcard : https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=24369303960686249


    Now we need to do some cleanup and space freeing of your internal sdcard because twrp recovery will want to backup there by default. So get all of your personal pictures and videos moved to external so as much free space as possible is available. This will avoid any backup failures when we get to that point. You are probably fine as long as you have at least 1 gb free on internal storage.


    Ok now we get down to business...

    First open settings on device and go to security and check mark unknown sources..you will be prompted...allow the install of unknown apps...now then...

    1. Install kingroot from your external sdcard..Its in Chinese so don't freak...just press the blue button telling you to get root. Now let it do its thing. It MAY fail the first time out. That isnt really the root failing but more so your data connection bugging out and not responding properly to the apps request to download needed files because kingroot WILL root this device just fine... If it fails,just be sure you are connected to data on the phone and try again. It will get root. Once it throws up the goofy smiling character bragging it got root in Chinese..just exit the app.

    2. Now install this app called flashify from external sdcard. It will allow you to install TWRP recovery. Recovery is essential. It allows you to backup your devices operating system for restore and also to install new operating systems which we call Roms. And it also allows you to do other things.

    3. Ok now that you have root and flashify installed. Now.. Open flashify and you will get a prompt from kingroot asking to give permission to flashify..pick right hand button to allow..it may be in Chinese but i cant recall..its the right hand button. Now in flashify there are two tabs..flash and backup/restore..pick the flash tab if it isn't already on it. Now pick recovery image...next pick choose file..browse your external sd card and pick the twrp recovery file you downloaded above..it will ask you are you sure..yes...let it flash it. Now. exit the app and we will reboot to recovery. Power off the device completely. Now we will enter recovery upon power on by holding down power button PLUS volume down button together until you see the twrp teamwin blue screen appear. Now that you are in recovery we want to backup your current setup. Click on backup. You'll see three boxes already check marked. that's all you need to backup. Now we want to backup...swipe to backup at the bottom. It will take a few minutes. Once its done. Hit the back button to get back to main recovery screen. Now we want to fully wipe the device so we can install a spiffy new operating system...Pick the Wipe option and pick Advanced Wipe...now check mark Dalvik Cache,System,Cache,Data...and swipe the wipe button below. Once finished hit the back button to get back to main recovery screen.

    4. Now to get rid of kingroot and get you up and running on a new and much nicer operating system. We will install my rom which you downloaded earlier called ZV6_Final_Stock_Debloated_No_Gapps.zip..From the main twrp menu pick install...at the top change from internal sd card to external sdcard and pick my file you will see a screen to flash it..at the bottom pick swipe to confirm flash...once its finished we will go back to main recovery screen and flash your google apps package..press back button at bottom to get back to main screen...pick install and you should see your google apps package listed as open_gapps-arm-4.4-nano-20160117.zip. flash it and simply pick the reboot option on the bottom right.

    Ok once the phone boots back to main home screen we will need to get your data services going...

    Once the phone has fully rebooted we want to get your data and services going...easiest way to do this is to open the dialer and type in ##72786#. This is will cause the phone to reboot. Once it reboots let it do its thing. Just sit back and watch..you'll see it do a "PRL Update"...phone will reboot...then upon reboot it will do a "Profile Update"...phone will reboot...then it will boot back up and look for a firmware update and wont find on...its done. Now you are fully rooted with full admin access...no more kingroot..no more carrier app crap...enjoy :)

    if kingroot fails..let me know. ill dig up the version that i know worked for me.
    #24 Curtis1973, Jan 18, 2016
    Last edited: Jan 18, 2016
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  25. Curtis1973

    Curtis1973 Android Expert

    Now this is really the only way to make this phone work the way you want. Outside of that,it will be a constant issue clearing space etc...I would go for it if I were you. Now as for kingroot...many dont like it...but it DOES work. and once the new rom is installed all remnants of it are gone..so no harm no foul.

    Edit: and for those unsure,nervous about anything...really take the leap...take control of your device...and enjoy it. it really is easy as long as you go step by step to get things up and running. we are here to help and will help.

    and to entice those still on the fence...take a look at what you can have versus that crap you have right now from the carrier...

    Screenshot_2016-01-18-09-42-57.png Screenshot_2016-01-18-09-43-31.png Screenshot_2016-01-18-09-43-23.png Screenshot_2016-01-18-09-43-04.png

    now this is a modifed version of stock rom with several custom themed weather apps,fully themed install with many,many new things plus the ability to move apps to your external sd card(its a basic move...there are other more advanced methods that really enhance this function..check in to them by asking other members),multitasking with splitview...a lot here..versus that crap from the carriers. for example the stock rom is over 1.2 gigs in size..this is only 550 mb at best...thats half the size reduction. plus our forums and users who have rooted enjoy other operating systems like slimrom,cm11 and many many more...take the leap people. be sure to always ask for help during the process. we are always available to help.
    #25 Curtis1973, Jan 18, 2016
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