Help TouchWiz - Can it be made not-ugly?


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Just been watching some vids and an really in-depth 18 minute video.

Is there any way to make TouchWiz...less ugly??

By ugly, I mean that the homescreen's are really nice - but when you go into the apps (like messaging/email/contacts - basically any Samsung standard apps) - I personally think it looks ugly because it's FAR TOO blocky. Everything is just a rectangle with sharp corners. Does anyone else think this?

And so is there a way to change this? (I know a launcher will change the homescreens, but not the core apps such as messaging/contacts of the phone.

I do come from my first android phone being a Desire (so Sense was my first ever experience) and so is the TouchWiz UI something I'm just going to have to get used to???

Also is there a away for some king of white skin?? (not like iPhone) but just a skin that uses white/cream or just different colours other tha blacks and greys.

Thanks in advance.


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yes, but that changes the homescreens and animations etc, it doesn't actually change the messging/contacts/email UI.
Use a different messaging and email app, search the market, there is probably something there that will suit your needs and wants.