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Jul 28, 2011
Los Angeles
some one should try to port touchwiz to the prevail. that would be another good rom to port
touchwiz isn't a rom

i know i just noticed. its a launcher. do you know how to port it? it would be a good idea for some one to make a how to thread so that way more people could be involved. it would be nice if touch wiz and the sms from the galaxy s2 were ported to the prevail.
touchwiz is a overlay, like sense is for HTC and motoblur is for motorola

they are pretty much themes with special apps and launchers
@monster it didnt work. i get an error (status 7)
hey bloodawn can you port the sms apk from the samsung galaxy s2?

it was made for a certain phone so i didnt think it would. But i didnt read the whole thing so i didnt know if it included any tutorials or talked about porting to other phones.