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TPU cases up on Amazon with prime

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by bigddybn, Oct 31, 2011.

  1. bigddybn

    bigddybn Member
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  2. dasfiend

    dasfiend Newbie

    Nice! Thanks for the heads up. Anyone order one of these yet? If so, care to share your thoughts?
  3. bigddybn

    bigddybn Member
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    I got mine yesterday.

    It's a perfect fit. It damn near looks like it came from the factory with the case on it. Top mic is lined up perfectly also. The back is a slightly smooth/grippy matte finish. The front around the screen is glossy black. No loose fitting edges. The phone feels very secure and sturdy in hand now. Adds very little overall bulk.

    If you don't know TPU isn't like the floppy silicon cases. It's more like a stiff synthetic rubber. When fitted to the phone it feels and acts like a hard case but since it's plyable it can be made to fit the phone much better than any stiff case can. It's good stuff.

    I apologize for the lousy pictures. The digital camera in our shop is ancient since everyone uses a cellphone camera now. It has serious problems focusing on glossy objects with overhead lighting. It's viewfinder also doesn't properly center objects so some of them are "off."

    Photos here

    No brainer for 9 bucks.
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  4. seanpr123

    seanpr123 Member

    Ordered one last night for the girl, will let ya know but I love my S II version.
  5. firemedic1

    firemedic1 Lurker

    I'm wondering I tend to be pretty hard on phones and I had an incase for my old 3GS, it was dropped multiple times and I wore some of the rubber backing off of it but the case served its purpose and the phone was never damaged. Would this TPU case be good for someone like me or should I go more with the Otterbox commuter? Basically will this case protect the phone if its dropped on concrete or asphalt or would a hard case be better.
  6. adien666

    adien666 Member

    just got mine in today and it fits great! very happy with it!!:D

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