TPU Or Clear Plastic Hard Case


I can't decide whether to get TPU or Hard Case. I bought a silicone case, but it is a lint magnet and is not easy to slip in the pocket. Can anyone give suggestions based on personal experience and suggest good sellers on ebay?
I have the TPU case and I love it. I actually have bought three from the same seller. Is posting the seller allowed? And no, i'm not the seller. :)


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I have a rubberized hard case and a tpu case. I love my hard case but not the tpu case. i have the gloss black tpu case. The thing i don't like bout it is the way the top side edges don't stay tight against it like the hard case. It's not that bad but to me it's annoying. But no it's not like the silicone cases in that it's not a lint magnet. Both my rubberized hard case and the tpu are the same thickness and basically the same size, slide in and out of my pocket the same way, but the tpu case has all the side buttons covered so tpu have to push down harder on them.
What phone do you have??

i've had hard rubberized, hard snap on, more silicone cases than you can shake a stick and and TPU cases. TPU is by far the best. My Dinc was protected with a TPU, it fit snug and looked decent, protected the device well including lip on the front to prevent the screen from making contact with the table when setting the phone face down during meetings and dates. if ever it got dirty, a quick rinse and some Dawn if you feel so inclined and all trapped pocket bits disappear.

my only complaint with TPU cases is the lack of design options. Argyle? really that's all we get?


Got a "Argyle" TPU case for my myTouch4G and it's great. I took an exacto razor and cut off the plastic covering the lock button, volume rocker and camera button. The phone feels secure and I don't worry as much if it was to drop without the case. Agree the "Argyle" design is 'mehh' but I paid $10 here locally in Vegas and I got it immediately. I hate waiting for shipping on things like a phone case...