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tracfone zte valet android

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by casinorose122, Dec 28, 2013.

  1. casinorose122

    casinorose122 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    if you don't have wifi at home, how many minutes does the valet charge to download a android app? suggestions on how many minutes to buy,and/or add data min.also? im at a loss how many to buy when i get the phone.i don't hardly ever call,but do moderate texting and web..thank you..

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  2. Rukbat

    Rukbat Extreme Android User

    It charges as many minutes as it takes. Large apps take longer than small apps.

    Find a mall or a Starbucks that has free wifi and do your downloading there.
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  3. casinorose122

    casinorose122 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    thank you..i am getting a router in jan.just not sure i want to get the valet..love android,but do not like the way they have the buckets..seldom call,more text and web use..ive tried to come up with several ways to add min.data..and it comes out more than what i paid at straight talk for my android ..may not be a good deal..tks again
  4. Unkn0wn0ne

    Unkn0wn0ne Newbie

    The Android based tracfones (including the ZTE Valet) use a different way of calculating data. Instead of a fixed rate of x amount of minutes per time online (I forget what the old rate was) it calculates by how much data you use in megabytes (mb). You can monitor this in Settings -> Data Usage. You can also set a limit to when the phone will forcefully stop using data and a warning limit at when approached will send you a notification telling you have approached your set warning limit. There is also a setting called "Restrict background data" that prevents or severely limits an apps ability to use data in the background. This means if you use a social app it can't suck up data or more than a small amount without you using the app.

    Hope this helps. :)
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  5. TracFone offers data-only cards -- https://www.tracfone.com/direct/Purchase?payGo=true

    $10 - 300 MB
    $20 - 750 MB
    $50 - 2 GB

    I'd be interested to know if these also qualify for the tripling that comes with the Valet. I don't see why not, but maybe there's fine print somewhere saying tripling is only for *minutes*. Then again, I got a 400-minute/1-year card with mine, and it ended up giving me 1200 of everything.
  6. pa_cap

    pa_cap Member

    I think the tripling only applies to a time/text/data card purchase but if someone knows otherwise for sure, let us know.
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  7. casinorose122

    casinorose122 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    the data cards you buy separately don't triple.
  8. MLSS

    MLSS Android Expert

    To me tracphone seems like a ripoff
  9. pa_cap

    pa_cap Member

    HIH do you think that? Is it better to pay $60-$100/month for a contact phone? I haven't seen any better deals for a decent Android phone. The only slightly weak point is if you're a heavy data user and not near WiFi often.
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  10. casinorose122

    casinorose122 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    well im going to try it..end of jan.im getting a tracfone android.been with them over 12 yrs.husband still using my first tracfone..a tech suggested to me,to buy a low amt of min.so that will go to my calls which i rarely use.then add data card..that way i won't have tons of min.rolling over for calls.wish they had min.cards for text.also..
  11. Lord_Vanski

    Lord_Vanski Lurker

    NO IT DOES NOT APPLY TO THE DATA CARDS.......The triple minutes only applies to the minutes, NOT DATA
  12. Just to clarify: the data you get with a *minute* card does get tripled; I got a 400-minute card and ended up with 1200 of everything.
  13. anniemm

    anniemm Lurker

    Exactly. If you buy minutes, your texts and data tanks get tripled at the same time (buy 60 mins, get 180 minutes, 180 texts, and 180 mb of data). Buy just the data and you get just the face value of your purchase.. buy 60 mb data, get 60 mb data.
  14. dave61430

    dave61430 Newbie

    I got a tracfone for emergency use about 4 years ago. Never used up the minutes and did not text.
    This is my third phone, went from single to double and now triple minutes. To tell the truth I didn't even know or care I was getting an android device, my attraction was to the 3mp camera and triple minutes.
    Now that I've got the thing I'm really glad I got it, for me it's a phone, an occasional camera and an adequate organizer, my calendar syncs with google calendar. I can also play freecell when I'm waiting around. Everything else is an added bonus.
    Everybody has to assess their own needs as to what plan is best, but I've been very happy with tracfone, no hassle phone transfer and minutes purchase.
  15. 2BitGary

    2BitGary Newbie

    Does adding a data only card change the service end date? I'm thinking no, but you never know till you ask.
  16. dave61430

    dave61430 Newbie

    My understanding is no, you just get the straight megabytes. You can save data minutes if you have a WiFi source. I would think most people might be more concerned with text messages, maybe eventually tracfone will find it expedient to offer cards just for that.
  17. anniemm

    anniemm Lurker

    Text-only cards would be nice. I rarely call and most of the places I go have WiFi..so I burn through the texts faster than anything else.
  18. MLSS

    MLSS Android Expert

    For 45 bucks you can just do straight talk and get unlimited talk and rest plus 2.5 gigs of high speed data.

    Some of the other non contract carriers have tiered plans and some are very cheap.
  19. anniemm

    anniemm Lurker

    Actually, my phone usage is minimal... I'm lucky if I spend $60 on Tracfone services over a 3 month period. So even Straight Talk is more expensive for me than the Tracfone service. Mostly I use WiFi and send maybe two or three texts a day.
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  20. 2BitGary

    2BitGary Newbie

    Same here, 22 dollars for the 30 minute tripled is a lot for me. I went almost a year without adding other than their 6/month keep the service active fee. Switching to this android phone and I have used data and text and probably a little more voice than usual. I looked at many services and tracfone is still my best deal. May not be for some people, that's why there are options.
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