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Dec 2, 2009
I have my trackball notification set to light up on new mail but it never does. I'm using the gmail app built in. Does this only work with the built in HTC mail client?

I have almost the same issue.
Sometimes the trackball lights up and some times it don't (Sounds liks a candy bar commercial). :D
for sure i wish we can change the color of the light

like lights up red when it is a missed call.

once you missed or have a text/ notification does it have the option of vibrating so you know that you have a message or does it just light up
It lights up for me when I get mail. I did set up my own personal domain account as well as my gmail account. It glows on and off very slow, If you just glance down at it when it's in between glows, you might miss it. so you need to look at it for a few seconds sometimes to see that it is glowing.
Quick question about the track ball light...

If you have a notification and it's glowing, does it stop glowing after a period of time? For me, it seems like it stops blinking after about twenty minutes.