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Tracking an IMEI # (phone was stolen)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by hruehl, May 17, 2011.

  1. hruehl

    hruehl Lurker
    Thread Starter

    My mytouch 4g was stolen yesterday. Is it possible to track the phone and recover it using its IMEI #? I have had the phone's SIM card blocked. Please advise. Thank you.

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  2. Orical

    Orical Newbie

    Unfortunately there's not much you can do about it on the users end of it but first thing you should have done is call your service provider and tell them to flag your IMEI and watch for activity, once some one tries to register the phone to a carrier it will allow them ( the carrier for tracking purposes ) to activate it in order to get the persons information on who has it. From there you won't find out anything else from there on in, they can't legally tell you who had it or how they got it but the insurance will give you another phone.

    For future issues always back up your info, (I used Google Sync myself.) you never know when some one's gonna get their hands on your stuff.
  3. jeremytfsp

    jeremytfsp Newbie

    What do you mean by the insurance will give you another phone? And also, my phone was stolen, so should i call all carriers to keep an eye on my imei number or just my carrier? and also do they have to flag my imei number and keep an eye on it, or is it an optional service from certain carriers?
  4. WoohooGuy

    WoohooGuy Android Enthusiast

    AndroidLost (AL) is a must, I have it on every one of my phones.


    Best to have BEFORE you lose your phone, but you can "push" Androidlost to your phone by going to the PlayMarket, logging in and installing it.


    Once you "push" it to your phone wait about 5 minutes.

    Text your phone androidlost register from any phone, and AL will text back a success message if the phone is on and number is the same.

    All you have to do now is go to Android Lost , log in with the google account registered to the phone, and you can begin to control the phone from the web.

    AL allows you to "hide" the application so it is not easily found, and if you install AL before you lose the phone you can grant it administrative permission where you can remotely wipe the phone and SD card.

    Get it, try it, and for future use get it on your phone before it goes missing.

    Good luck.
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  5. tukatz

    tukatz Android Enthusiast

    Thanks for the tip. I have three phones on the same account and have just installed Android Lost on all three. The GPS map sent back by my two HTC Glaciers and my HTC Sapphire was spot on. I tested vibrate and a couple of other commands. Awesome app.
  6. ChristyC

    ChristyC Newbie

    I reccomend getting the Where's my Droid App
  7. satishchauhan

    satishchauhan Lurker

    Hell sir my self satish here to msg u .atleast 1mnth before i had lost my samsung galaxy s2 and i had already registered my ph to the android lost...but still didnt show any information regarding my cell i thing android lost application only works when stolen phone internet connection will on othewise no use of android lost...please give me a trick that on the basis of my emei no i can track my android when sumbdy put a new sim in it

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