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Transfer and play videos on the evo?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by motoman740, Jun 5, 2010.

  1. motoman740

    motoman740 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hi, I purchased an HTC evo today and I succesfully transfered some music to the evo. But I cant manage to play h264, mp4 or mov videos on the phone... where should I place the video files? root, media, create a video folder, or some where else?

  2. RickJ

    RickJ Android Enthusiast

    Videos are in same folders as pics DCIM/100MEDIA/

    I couldnt find it initially so the folder may be created after you take your first pictures/videos. Not sure about that, however it is there now.

    Use the video shortcut (on whatever screen its placed) and it will bring up the folder in the same format as viewing pictures. I have successfully loaded/played an mp4 with excellent quality.

    I'll be trying a m4v shortly
  3. choij2000

    choij2000 Newbie

    i'm having the same problem moving movies to my card. i throw them in the /media/ folder, and the phone can find them, but it won't play (these are under 2gb files).

    these were .m4v files that didn't work. i tried changing the extension to .mp4 (still works on the pc) but it doesn't work on the phone.

    i tried using handbrake (got some cryptic errors) on 2 different pc's. and, i even tried using encodehd (got some other wierd error). the only strange thing is the fact that i have these movies stored on an external hdd. i don't understand why else i can't put get these movies to play on the evo.

    any help is appreciated.
  4. criccio

    criccio Newbie

    Pretty simple.

    How to convert videos and transfer them to the HTC EVO 4G - Know Your Cell

    Google is your friend ;)

    Been transcoding a few 1080p and 720p BD rips in H264 format in MKV containers down to lower bitrate H264 in .m4v containers and they all play flawlessly on the Evo, even over HDMI to a TV.

    Of course, transcoding from one lossy codec to another is going to lower the PQ... but its a phone. Can't expect any more.

    Seems to be some confusion over what is a codec, and what is a container, and the difference between the two. This should clear some things up:

    Thanks Valerio!

    Doing one right now actually ;)

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  5. choij2000

    choij2000 Newbie

    wow, that was a lot of good info....but like i said, my handbrake keeps giving me errors for some reason. i wish i could cut and paste it here, but i think it stems from the fact that after i choose a source, on the picture tab, the size of the source shows up as 0x0 (aspect ratio 0)....which leads to a lot of other 0's and possibly some errors.

    i just don't get why the .mp4 format doesnt' work.
  6. RickJ

    RickJ Android Enthusiast

    Good info, being new to this wasnt aware that m4v and mp4 were the same container( not that i even knew the difference between a container and a codec) by a different name. In any case I reduced the fr down to 23.97 and videos play very nicely.

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