Help Transfer apps to sd card?

Hi everyone I'm new here,

I am thinking of buying a Galaxy Centura and was wondering if it's possible to transfer apps to sd card from internal memory if so how is it done ?
It will not work on this phone since that feature is only for android 2.2 and 2.3

For android 4.0.4 we need another way. I am looking into this myself but the only options I have seen involve using the SDK tools to mod the phone and that forces all installations to SD.

UPDATE: So I tried forcing the phone to install directly to the SD card using the SDK method. It will not work. There is no way to make things go to the card on this phone short of installing a custom android maybe?

Anyhow The best and only solution I have is to move stuff manually pretty much everything was able to be moved that way and still worked the couple of things that wont leave on the internal memory.