Help Transfer data and apps fro Android 5 to new phone



I've just purchased a new Android 11 phone, but can't figure out how to transfer the data and apps from my old phone which runs Android 5. All the instructions I find say to backup my old phone to Google Drive - but the only option on the old phone is to backup to an SD card, which I have - but the new phone doesn't give an option to restore from an SD card.

I've tried the bluetooth route, but although the phones do pair up, when I try the "set up a new device" in the google app, the old phone can't find any devices.

Other apps I've heard of require at least Andoid 6 on the old phone, so I just seem to be stuck on this one.

I have looked at "Coolmuster Mobile Transfer" which looks ideal, but when I went to purchase it, I noticed in their terms and conditions, that it was a subscription which was charged annualy - even though I was going to purchase the lifetime license!?!

Any help greatly appreciated


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Have you tried installing the Google drive app from the Play Store? If you've tried and it won't install, go to Google's website in Chrome on your phone, then click on the 9 dots in a square on the top right of the page and you should be able to access Google drive from there. Note, you do need to be signed into your Gmail account on the phone (And in Google's website in Chrome if you need to go that route).


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Samsung Smart Switch works on Android 4+ and can be used on non Samsung phones:

Or a more manual way:
If you have Sync turned on that will transfer contacts, calendar, and some other settings over.

For texts - SMS Backup & Restore supports Android 5:

Data files, pictures, and videos can be copied to your SD card or a USB drive and transferred to the new phone.