Sep 29, 2020
I switched to an iphone a month or so ago and was able to successfully transfer all my files except my insane number of photos. I decided to leave them on there so I could transfer them directly to my PC later. I have Android File Transfer installed on my mac, but when I connect my phone via USB-c, the message that was coming up was "Make sure your device is unlocked and "file transfer" is selected" or something to that effect, now when I plug my phone into my computer via USB-c, the Android File Transfer error message is now saying "Please connect your android device with a USB cable to get started." I've restarted my device twice, but I can't do anything, it won't recognize my phone anymore. Please help, I just want my pictures on my computer and don't know what to do.
When you connect to the Mac, do you see the USB notification on the phone? If so, pull down the notification, tap on it and select MTP mode.

When I select the drop down, it only gives me the options to select from 2 different menus under this "settings" tab.

The first is "USB controlled by: connected device, or this phone" This phone is automatically selected. The second menu is "Use USB for: Transferring files, USB tethering, MIDI, transferring images, or charging phone only" Transferring files is automatically selected. The same error messages are popping up, "try reconnecting or restarting your device" I've done this numerous times.
The only times I've had problems was when using an old version of Android File Transfer.

There are of course old standbys like "try a different USB port on the computer" and "try another cable". Have you tried closing AFT on the Mac, checking USB connection mode is set to file transfer (which is technically MTP) and then starting AFT again? When I was using an older version of AFT it could sometimes be kicked into life by stopping it and restarting (though I've not had any of those problems with the current version). It is important that the phone's screen is unlocked when you start it.
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Hey if worse comes to worse, install Google photos on your android and let it backup your photos on your phone first.
Then simply open a browser on your Mac and go to photos.google.com
Enter your Gmail credentials and fetch your photos directly from there. No cable needed.