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Transfer my paid for applications from a Galaxy to a Milestone

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Deleted User, Jan 4, 2010.

  1. Deleted User

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    Hi all. I purchased a Galaxy a few months ago and installed the Galaxico ROM. Using the market enabler I was able to purchase paid apps (I'm from Ireland where we don't have a paid apps store). I've recently switched to a Milestone. To the best of my knowledge the market enabler will not work with the Milestone because it is not rooted yet.

    Is there a way I can get the apps I've paid for already from my Galaxy to my Milestone? I bought CoPilot sat nav app, and this is what I'm thinking abut most. It was pretty expensive, and I'm not going to buy it again.

    I contacted CoPilot and they told me I had to wait until the paid app store comes to Ireland. Is there any (legal) way I can get my CoPilot on my Milestone?

  2. G8D

    G8D Android Enthusiast

    Same Google account = you can download them all again for free.
  3. Deleted User

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    Thanks, but they don't show up in the irish market. Even though I am using the exact same account. They were purchased from the US market using the market enabler. In fact, on my new phone none of my download history was present, even the free apps.
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  5. spottyelephant

    spottyelephant Android Enthusiast

    Hey, I'm from Ireland too but couldnt get the market enabler to work on my Galaxy running Galaxhero. Maybe I had a bad version of it - where did you get the market enabler, and what were the steps you did to see paid apps in the market?

    Regards your question, i would suggest using Astro file manager (free app on market) to make backups of all your apps. Then connect your phone to the computer and drag all those .apk files across from the backup folder to your computer. You should then be able to drag them onto your milestone, and use either Astro file manager, or the App Installer app (free on market too) to reinstall.

    Please though, tell me how to use market enabler!

    edit: also, how do you find the milestone's camera and video recorder compared to the galaxy?

    edit 2: figured out the market enabler! I did have an old version.
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    Hey spottyelephant. That worked perfectly. I'm just downloading the maps now.

    Thanks for the help.

    Glad you got the market enabler going. It makes a big difference when you have access to paid apps.

    My personal experience with the galaxy was terrible. NFS was an embarrassment. Battery life was terrible. It kept randomly shutting down. I also found the touch screen slightly unresponsive, and the phone itself sluggish. Also, I foud samsungs support to be terrible.

    So I got sick of it and splashed out on a milestone.

    I find the camera and video on both to be only average. I had an N95 before those, and thought the camera was better on that. The android phones are very good when there is plenty of light. In darker conditions I've found both pretty poor.

    If you are around limerick pm me and I can show you the actual milestone. I love it though. Amazing
  7. spottyelephant

    spottyelephant Android Enthusiast

    I very nearly bought a milestone on ebay there. Progress on android 2.0 for galaxy is going well on the mustymod rom, so i might wait to update the phone before selling, rather than give an outdated 1.5 to some poor sod!

    I had an n95 before the Galaxy too - loved the camera and video recorder. Galaxy's camera is acceptable (cept it turns stuff kinda blue with the flash), but the video recorder is unusable. So i think i've decided on the Milestone next mainly for the "acceptable" camera, pinch zoom, and opengl2.0 (for games). It'll hold it's value better too.

    Where did u sell ur Galaxy? eBay or Adverts, and for how much?

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