Help Transfering Pics to PC Hard drive


Hello All:
I am new to this forum......Love my new incredible, I am long time user of Win CE(Motorola Q) Oh my my Was I stone ages........What A getting to know my new toy. One thing I can't figure out is where dose the pictures get store to.(The Actual Directory) I did download ASTRO(Great Tool) but still am unable to hunt the actual store directory that the pics gets store to.......Dose anybody know where this is. I also need to find out once I connect my phone to the PC how to get it off of the phone to my PC and or server. once I connect to PC all I see is the SD card and there isn't much in there.........

Any insight from the group is appreciated.......



Android Expert
Either EMMC (internal storage) or SDcard (SD card) and inside there a folder called DCIM.

Once connected, just switch the USB mode to Disk Drive (click the "USB connected" notification to change the connection settings.

Then one or two (two if you have an SD card) drives will be available in "My Computer" Just copy the pics onto your computer.