Transferring apps and data to Bionic

Ok before anyone berates me for starting this thread, just know that I have searched for this on several web sites without a clear answer which is why I'm asking it here.

I'm getting my Bionic tomorrow and I trying to find out if it will be possible to transfer my apps AND app data from my rooted OG Droid to my unrooted Bionic. Clearly Titanium Backup (which i have) won't be an option because the Bionic will be unrooted (for the time being). Mybackup pro won't work because it needs root to backup app data. Are there any options I'm not seeing or finding that will make this work?


Not really. Apps that are not a part of the system tree should be easily transferred, as for settings, hmm, maybe.

The rest, well, you'll probably need to either set them all up manually again or else root, use TiBu, and unroot - or just wait.


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I tried to figure this out today and couldn't. I had to download all the apps I wanted from the market and start fresh. It let me go through all my apps and clean house.


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Well it seems hope may be lost forthe app data, but on a related note, does anyone know how to transfer over the wifi ssid's and keys? I've got a bunch saved whose keys I've forgotten