Root Transferring apps to new memory car


Hi all

Just got myself a new 16gb memory card, and want to put in my rooted Hero with Elelinux 1.6, but having trouble... Heres what I've done so far:

* I copy/pasted everything from my old membery card onto my pc desktop.
* Put new mem card into my hero - sorted out the partitions (in case I go back to 2.1 and need app2sd)
* Formatted the sd card within Android
* copy/pasted everything from my pc desktop onto my new memory card

The problem is, none of my installed apps/widgets are there. I tried to install Titanium from the marketplace, but for some reason wasn't able to - it just sort of hung on the download screen, (even though I didn't actually choose to download it?)

Anyone know how this should be done?


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You only copied across your normal files to the new card, not your apps. You can't actually access the ext partition's files on any computer short of using ubuntu, as far as I know. So your phone is pretty messed up right now.

You are on a pretty old version of elelinux, so this is a good opportunity to switch. Download RC1 of ele here. With your old sdcard in, do all your backups, including a full backup with TB.

Get the new card, put all of your backups and the new ROM on there, then flash the new rom via recovery. You should be able to restore them just fine.