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Transferring contacts to Droid

Discussion in 'Verizon' started by genr47, Dec 5, 2009.

  1. genr47

    genr47 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hi I am new here. I have had my motorola Droid for about a week now and still have not been able to figure out how to transfer my contacts from my Dare to my Droid. Tried using Bluetooth but get message paired but not connected. Can anyone help here. THANKS:)

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  2. Ataranine

    Ataranine Android Enthusiast

    Take it to the store.
  3. shante1012

    shante1012 Well-Known Member

    I put all my contacts into Google and when i signed in it put them in the phone but take it to the store and they should be able to transfer the contacts
  4. Android_LIFE

    Android_LIFE Android Enthusiast

    When you initially got the Moto Droid, did they not attempt to transfer your contacts from your Dare in the store for you??
  5. TheBandit181

    TheBandit181 Newbie

    If you used backupassistant on the dare. You can login to your online account and export your contacts as a .csv file. You can then import that file into your google contacts.
  6. DankyDroid

    DankyDroid Member

    Winner best answer.:D
  7. Android_LIFE

    Android_LIFE Android Enthusiast

    Yes, & ONLY IF genr47 did in fact use the backupassisant
  8. DankyDroid

    DankyDroid Member

    That would be helpful lol, but contacts from any email account, google will import them pretty much, just go online and log into your gmail go to your contacts, and choose import, fill in the info, it's easy.
    But yeah, you had to have them already in a .csv, or already on backup assistant, or already in another existing email account. You can come to my store and I will do it for you, but you need to buy a pack of screen wipes or something lol. (Just kidding, but seriously, if you come to my store, and ask me to do that for you, then I think you need a pack of screen protectors..):p
  9. Android_LIFE

    Android_LIFE Android Enthusiast

    Yep, importing .csv file into email is another option.

    I guess my point is, the day he got his Moto Droid, the VZW should have taken care of transferring his contacts over from the Dare, to the Droid...whichEVER method needed to get the job done, for the customer...
    BEFORE genr47 left the store.

    The VZW stores in the STL area do this as a kind of common courtesy to customers whenever they go from one phone, to a new one.

    A manager @ my local VZW said that

    "We don't even ask the customer if they want it done, we just do it, so that the store doesn't get a large of number of people coming back into the store to try & take care of something that could have & should have been taken care of, in the customer's previous visit"

    This was said in front of me & my older brother who got his Moto Droid on Nov 6

    Until I got the Moto Droid myself, I have never had all my cell phone contacts synced into an email account. Alot of others out there don't either.
  10. DankyDroid

    DankyDroid Member

    That's SOP but how do you know that the vzw store failed him somehow, did I miss where he said he bought it in a direct retail store? How do you know that? Maybe he ordered it online?
  11. Android_LIFE

    Android_LIFE Android Enthusiast

    That IS a possibility I did consider. ;)
    @ this point we need genr47 to chime in & confirm how it all exactly, went down.
  12. genr47

    genr47 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for all the tips, I bought the phone on line and back up assistant does not work with the droid. I will either have to enter them manually or take it to the store. If my contacts on the dare were on the SD card things would sure have been a lot easier. Thanks again.
  13. Sketchee

    Sketchee Well-Known Member

    Even though Backup Assistant doesn't work, you can export them to CSV and import into http://www.google.com/contacts Not sure from your statement if you had used Backup Assistant before. But in this sense, it does kind of work with the Droid.
  14. Earthling12

    Earthling12 Lurker

    Droid: sync contacts trouble using a Mac

    I'm having trouble transferring my contacts so that they show up properly. The contacts show up as (Unknown) rather than with names like Alan Abacus. I want to transfer my contacts from a Palm Treo 700p to the Droid. I am using a iMac running OS 10.4.11 . Verizon is my carrier which is good in the DC area.

    First I tried the Verizon Store in Chevy Chase, MD. They used a special Verizon gizmo but could not effect the transfer. Furthermore, they didn't want to get into the Treo--->Gmail---->Droid way.

    That's the way I did it with the help of Verizon 800-922-0204. First I exported contacts from Palm. The contacts went into a TextEdit file, a plain text file. This did not have any commas in it so I doubt it was comma separated (CSV). But it successfully went into Gmail. It even said the names of the people, starting with Alan Abacus, so I knew who was in my contacts list. Will wonders never cease? Then I just signed into the Droid and it transferred each of my contacts. Unfortunately, each was labeled "Unknown". But upon opening them, they were my contacts. Then we tried again. First, wipe (erase) the Droid. Contacts, and any Google Calendar entries are backed up to Google. It worked. And all names (Alan to Zora) were there. However, that night I started transferring appointments typing them into Google Calendar: very time consuming. The next morning when I turned on the Droid the dreaded (Unknown) showed up for each of my contacts. I checked; they were my contacts; but they were not labeled. How do I sync my contacts, e.g. Palm--->iMac--->Droid.

    It would be nice if I could also sync memos and calendar from the Palm to the Droid (Unfortunately I don't have Outlook or a Windows emulator. I have Palm Desktop.) I can enter appointments by hand into Google Calendar and then that automatically syncs. It's laborious but I see no other way. Keeping my old Palm Treo 700p, or the Palm Pre (Verizon) are options but I like the Droid's GPS.
    [Forgive the cross-posting to Google Mobile Help Forum (link).]
  15. tranzz

    tranzz Member

  16. Earthling12

    Earthling12 Lurker

    [FONT=&quot]I Am following up on my own post:[/FONT]"Sync Contacts from Palm Treo-->iMac--->Gmail--->Droid: how to get it to work?
    Droid: sync contacts trouble using a Mac
    I'm having trouble transferring my contacts so that they show up properly."
    Thanks for the helpful tips.
    Solution: I got a hint at this forum. I found my Google Contacts on the web at www.google.com/contacts . I noticed that there were some contacts that had the names: first and last. Then I picked up the Droid and scrolled past many
  17. tranzz

    tranzz Member

    Coming from my Treo 755p, Verizon people would only transfer "phone contacts", and really, really preferred that I handle it myself. They (Verizon Corporate store tech support / customer service) told me that my call log couldn't be moved onto my Moto A855.

    Personally, I don't trust many with handling my data. I've lost entire databases in the past by moderately competent, well meaning tech support people that were correctly following a published procedure, (which proved to be incorrect in certain instances). If some of you have had good results with your local cellphone dealer transferring a large quantity (1000 +/-) contacts records of fair to heavy complexity, I'd say you're lucky. I'd agree that it shouldn't be that way, but it is.

    The link I posted above, and here again:


    works on lots of PDAs and smartphones, NOT only Palms.

    Read that thread, but here's the real pearl for non-Palmys:

    PDB Converter

    before you run it, read that thread, and go to

    PdbConverter - Index - shredzone.org

    and read through it and it's links. While it was written specifically for PalmOS converts like me, the Java program actually does a few different types of file conversions, not only Palm file conversions.

    everybody jumps to csv export/imports but vCard may very well work better for you in migrating into gmail contacts. Once you're there, and on your Android device, vCard is nearly ALWAYS the best format for sharing and handling contacts records.


    csv is a format that goes back to the days of MS-DOS and is a "lowest common denominator" format. Android people and Verizon tech jump to it for that reason, and because you can play with your database fields and entries in a text editor or spreadsheet program, putting almost everyone in a position of being able to do it,,, and take the blame for their results when they do.
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  18. droidosis

    droidosis Well-Known Member

    m.google.com/sync or Google Sync services Upload your contacts & calendar to google acct from one of the listed phones w/that app, or .csv import ... when you sync your phone it will pull them down to your droid. -droidosis-
  19. hustler616

    hustler616 Lurker

    Thank you! this worked perfect for me. I had the Voyager but did this with backup assistant and worked great.. thanks again.

    great forum
  20. jmad

    jmad Lurker

    Here is what I did to easily get my contacts from my dare.

    1. Install bitpim (bitpim.org)
    2. Connect to your phone, get phone book info
    3. Export as vCard (I used version 3)
    4. Save file to your droid
    5. Do an import from your Droid contacts menu
  21. 3devious

    3devious Android Expert

    Do any of you worry about the security of your contact data? Let's say that your contacts are through Google and Facebook. Perhaps you've sync'd them and added more contacts that weren't part of your online accounts. Are there any concerns that someone capable of datamining that information could compromise the privacy of your contacts?

    I know that Google and Facebook have all of these user agreements supposedly protecting your privacy and Verizon has an alleged ultra-secure network, but nothing is foolproof. All of the carriers have already had significant secruity breaches. Perhaps you don't care about your contacts' privacy, but how comfortable would you feel about someone building a system of records containing your information if it became accessible to someone other than the person you gave that information to?
  22. bunnee

    bunnee Lurker

  23. TDianna

    TDianna Android Enthusiast

    Ok, I have the newest Bitpim 1.07, what are the settings and the phone type you used?


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