Help Transferring data via usb cord


Tried several times to connect my Nexus S phone to my PC laptop via usb cord so I can transfer data between the two, but my laptop doesn't automatically "see" my phone as an external hard drive as my previous phones did. The cord functions fine for charging, however. I've looked through my settings, but I am unable to find anything that would make the phone visible to the laptop.


Thanks in advance.


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On the pc side go to start/ computer and see if it shows up. If it doesn't, chances are you have turned off the port by not using the safely remove hardware tool. If it does show, then Autoplay isn't recognizing it. The drivers from the phone should load as soon as you connect. Try to reset the port in device manager then restart. Also play around in customize( win 7) to change when autoplay works. Give a little more info on which version os and you can get better detailed info on how to get there iyou need it.


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You might also try another USB cable, preferably one that comes with the Nexus, although most micro-USB should work. Windows is notoriously choosy when it comes to USB connections.