Help Transferring files via USB..


Hey guys,

Transferring files via a Micro USB cable to my PC was very slow and it kept freezing; I managed to fix it (I think) by enabling USB debugging in settings>applications, but it is suggesting that I have to unmount the device on my computer, and then click 'Disconnect storage from PC'. Will it damage the device in any way if I disconnect it without following these steps?

I have a dock on my table so it charges/is plugged in to my computer whenever I'm sitting here! I don't want to have to do this every time I put my phone on and off charge...

Also, I've had 10-15 USB sticks in my years and never safe-ejected one.. I've never had a damaged file before..



Check six!
It won't damage the device but may result in file corruption (resulting in Windows suggesting a disk check next time you connect it) if a write is still pending when you disconnect.