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I recently bought a Droid Razr - previously had the Droid 2. On the old phone, I had an app named Notepad, and have saved those files on my computer. On the new phone, I downloaded the app, and have also transferred the files from the computer. But on the phone, the two are not communicating. In fact, even though the files are on the phone, I can't find them. I'd like to 1) at least be able to find the file on my phone; or 2) preferably have it set up so I can read them in Notepad. Any help will be appreciated.


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Got to thinking about this.
When you originally had your Notepad files saved on your old device, were they saved to internal or external sd card?
Now, bear in mind that I am not familiar with your devices:)

I'm thinking if they were saved to external sd card on your old phone, and now you moved them to internal on your new phone, Notepad cannot see them. It's looking for files on the external memory.

Sound plausible? I'm just kinda throwin' that out there for ya:)
What about wifi file transfer, i have used it on two deiced and it is very quick, better still easy to use. It will do a folder as well as files but i don't seen to like folders within folders


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Well it may be that the format isn't supported. Why not just copy over the Notes into Google Keep so you won't have trouble again next time.


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Thanks for your responses. A couple of questions, and answers to some of yours. Copying to Google sounds good and easy, but I'm not too good at this stuff. Would you describe to me in easy steps how to do that? Thanks. As for internal v.external SD card, if you mean one that's removable, that was true with the old phone, but I don't know with the new one. I was able to save the file from the old phone to the computer, and then from there to the new phone. The computer tells me it's on the phone's SD card, but I don't know how to access it there either. Again, thanks for your help.


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How many notes are we talking about here? Because on your PC, just install Google Keep on Chrome and then copy the notes over to there.