Help Transferring movies to the phone


I have a bunch of movies I downloaded on the iphone that I am trying to transfer to my phone or sd card. I can get them onto both devices but they won't play. Some of them are already in mp4 format but still wont play on kies, windows media or my phone. But will play on itunes or my old iphone. Any ideas ? Thanks.


I have the same problem. They play in Quicktime on a pc but not on S3 and Asus TF300. I also tried MX Player Pro for both and it cannot play the format. I think it's the DRM that's linked to your Itunes account...


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Yep, definitely the iTunes DRM. However, all but 2 of my music videos I bought from iTunes will play on my phone. Those two videos just happened to be the first two I bought. I guess they took the DRM off of them at some point.