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transferring notes and calendar from nokia n95 to htc wildfire

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by martyp, Aug 18, 2010.

  1. martyp

    martyp Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hi all,
    I've been able to transfer my contacts ok but am having trouble finding a way of doing the same with notes and calendar entries. I tried a sync with Outlook 2000 which worked great using Nokia pc suite but the HTC sync software kept giving a Pim error?
    Can anyone help at all please?

  2. staffsmatt

    staffsmatt Well-Known Member

    Hi as for the notes these links may help (not tried them myself as I didn't use notes on my N95)

    Great phone but be wary - HTC Magic Cell Phone - Epinions.com

    About half way down the page under "LIVING WITH IT - THE TRANSFER OF STUFF"

    looks like it could be a pain if you have a lot of notes though...

    This page may also be useful:

    HTC Sync Limitations, looking to Sync Outlook Notes/Tasks....

    It seems to suggest syncing notes from outlook to google and then to your phone...

    As for your calendar the easiest way I found was to sync with a google account (gmai) and then sync that to the phone.

    hope that helps

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  3. martyp

    martyp Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Many thanks Matt, I'll check those out.
    Much appreciated
  4. martyp

    martyp Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I'm getting there but still having problems with the calendar part...
    With the notes I marked all of them (about 350!) and selected Send to E-mail on my N95. From there I saved them all from the e-mail (text files) and used an Android notes app to import from the SD card.
    Where I'm stuck now is with the calendar...
    I have successfully used a program called outport to export the calendar entries as ics or vcal files (about 350 of them) but am struggling to get them on my phone.
    I tried e-mailing them to my gmail account and managed to import them into a calendar on there but can't get them onto my HTC?

    Also, I'm hoping to get rid of the Google calendar association and just use 'My calendar' for better privacy.

    I'm finding the multiple contact lists in Android confusing - having 3 phone books rather than a simple phone directory as before. I don't understand why there is a 'My phonebook'. I imported everything into 'Phone directory' I think and then into My phonebook as I didn't understand the difference.
    Hoping someone can help me with this mess...
  5. kejlyCZ

    kejlyCZ Android Enthusiast

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  6. martyp

    martyp Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Excellent cheers, hadn't heard of that before. I'll give it a go...
  7. martyp

    martyp Newbie
    Thread Starter

    That panda app is great, thanks for that. I worked out how to change to English (clicking on the phone on the top left and selecting it from there in the submenu) and also to enable usb debugging (every time) to connect. Some really neat functions in that app that are lacking in the HTC sync software.
    Anyway, I realised it was actually quite simple and deleted all my contacts using an android app and also deleted my google calendar to clear the calendar (and make it offline). I then used the 'Transfer Data' application which worked once I had deleted the pairing from my N95 and it successfully transferred all the contacts and calendar to the HTC in the My Phonebook and My Calendar.
    The calendar sync didn't work that well though, there are some inconsistencies as it continued a recurring event that was cancelled a year or so ago and there was a crossover for one day events into the next day (1am - 1am). I'm wondering if that might be a time zone problem...
    Anyway, for the notes I did Mark All on the N95 and then send to e-mail so it sent all the notes as text files in an e-mail. I used Wifi for this bit as the N95 was working without the sim card. I then copied all the notes in text format to a folder on the memory card in the HTC and then used an app to import them all. I tried AK Notepad initially but it didn't import them very well, the words were really spaced out and interlaced with odd characters. I then tried Note Everything and that imported them perfectly.
    I now need to correct the calendar issues (may try a sync with panda app and see how that does) and migrate the To Do list across (only about 10 things). I'm trying out different To Do list type apps as on the N95 I had them shown on the front page so I didn't forget to do them...
  8. staffsmatt

    staffsmatt Well-Known Member

    Glad your getting everything sorted, as for reminder apps nudnik is pretty decent (blimey that's the second time I've suggested that app in the last couple of hours, people are going to think I'm on retainer!)
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  9. GE5990877

    GE5990877 Lurker

    hi,i oso new to android phone...i oso like to find a calendar which can function like nokia phone...please help....
  10. Haminda

    Haminda Lurker

    Hi, ive just ordered an htc wildfire, and i am getting rid of my n95. Did you regret the swap?

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