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Dec 2, 2011
So I recently purchased the Z Fold 4 and have been using an iPhone XS Max. I was wondering what's the best way to import/export/transfer the passwords/logins from my iPhone to my new Fold? Getting real tired of manually entering in 16 character passwords from Chrome to the apps in my phone. There has to be an easier way? Also, Is the Samsung Pass worth using? Kind of hesitant to have another app access to my login info and then have it also accessible by Chrome.
As long as you use Chrome it should have your password information on all devices.
Other than that, I don't believe your passwords are saved on a per app basis.
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If these are website passwords then if you use the same browser on both and it syncs passwords you should be fine. If you used Safari and iCloud keychain with the iPhone then there's no native transfer to an android browser, and you'll have to copy them over to something that works across platforms.

I personally use a third-party password manager precisely so that I don't tie myself into any platform, "ecosystem" or browser (I use a mix of platforms, and am allergic to anything that locks me in to a particular vendor).
i myself have been using LastPass as my password manager. it has consistently been in the tops of best password managers over the years. it works on most browsers as well as when you need to log into an app on the phone. you can even have it on your pc as well. its been 10yrs+ of me using the service.
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I used to use Lastpass for years until I lost my Master Password sheet of paper.
I have been locked out since then.
So now I just use Google as my only browser which automatically saves my passwords, lol....
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