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Transformer Prime reminds me of Playstation 3 release

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jdbaker82, Dec 19, 2011.

  1. jdbaker82

    jdbaker82 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Almost.... I am having deja vu I REALLY want one of these! I never cared for an iPad or any other tablet!

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  2. rsmin

    rsmin Well-Known Member

    Yep, this is the first time I have ever gotten involved with an early release tech item. Most of the time I wait till everything has settled down. It is crazy.


    I lose sleep over this dang thing.
  4. WildH

    WildH Android Enthusiast

    Yeah me too. Like last night after amazon sent me another stupid ass email.
  5. RoscoeDpG

    RoscoeDpG Member

    i try to ignore it and just leave my pre order on newegg alone until i hear something but every few days i creep back here lol
  6. agentjonnyb

    agentjonnyb Newbie

    And the PS3 release was basically the same horrible shortage scenario as the xbox 360 release the year prior...and these companies still manage to forget and repeat these mistakes...I'd be so embarrassed if I were them.
  7. al2fast

    al2fast Member

    ...yeah reminds me of the ps3 release too, I didn't get one of those on release day either! I'm just looking forward to playing with a demo in a store to see how much better it is than my a500 and how soon I can get my paws on one.
  8. Nastro

    Nastro Member

    Being a consumer, I can only speculate, but doesn't it seem like they do this on purpose to create publicity? I mean, seriously, we've seen this with the PS3 the Wii and countless other "Hot Holiday Items". Doesn't PS, Nintendo, ASUS, etc have the resources and foresight to produce enough of these items up front to satisfy demand? I think they do, but are trying to "cheaply" generate buzz for their products instead of spending money to do it right and advertise! Look how much Apple advertises there pos products (sorry for the demonic reference). I wish Android products would rise up and spend some money on advertising.
  9. theandies

    theandies Android Enthusiast

    This is the first Tech item that I've wanted at release. I usually wait for the buzz to calm down but my wife was pushing towards a iPad and I just can't stomach Apple so I found the Prime also I really lke the keyboard dock feature. My problem is I have it pre-ordered but they don't charge until shipping. I don't think she can keep $500 in our account until it ships which seems like it might be a month or so. Also this was to be our family Christmas present so she wants one under the tree. This is really starting to suck bad and I know I'll never do this again.
  10. secretLOVER

    secretLOVER Android Enthusiast

    As mentioned, I think its a little bit marketing, as well as possible vendor shortages.

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