Help transformer wont load


Had my transformer for a month or so now and love it, but it switched off on me earlier, now when I switch it on all I get is the asus logo and the litle dots going round in a circular and won't load past that, tried vol down and power and got it to go in to a restore mode but the Android logo came up like it was updating then had yellow triangle and a ! In the middle. Help


I have the same problem. I have been unable to boot it into recovery mode though.

I was loading a website ( when the tablet reset on me. No biggie, then after a bit it reset again, then again, and again. Each time the reset would happen sooner and sooner, until it was just stuck at at the ASUS screen. I let the battery die, thinking maybe a cold boot would help, but I've plugged it back in after it died and now it wont start at all. Anyone else have this issue? Anyone know what to do here?

I am running up to date firmware and software on the Transformer and the Dock as well.