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Travel Itinerary App?

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by geli7, Dec 29, 2009.

  1. geli7

    geli7 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Anyone know of a good app, preferably free, for planning travel (flights, hotels, etc)? I've searched in the market but haven't found much. Thanks!

  2. TXLady

    TXLady Member

    Not available yet but we all need to request that WorldMate release their product for Android. I've used this on BB in the past and it's the best travel app around. There is a free version and also a paid version with additional features.
  3. ianmccully1

    ianmccully1 Newbie

  4. chiefvelo

    chiefvelo Member

    Try trip it. i think the website works as well as the app.
  5. ianmccully1

    ianmccully1 Newbie

    thanks for reply maybe you can help me with something else, what is the best sat navigation on the htc hero or what is everyone else using that doesnt need updates every month and no subscription.

    hopefully there is something out there

    thanks for all your help in advance

  6. Moof

    Moof Newbie

    I use TripIt.com to organise my travels on the web, and I'm glad to say it has an android app too, thoguh I can't see how to add stuff to it yet.
  7. ianmccully1

    ianmccully1 Newbie

    Thanks but no thanks

    I want this to be free if possible as when you supply them with a email address they then ask for credit card details on the next page

    don't know about you but not everyone gets mine unless I am certain they won't take any money without asking.

    As i was speaking to the bank the other day and when you give out your 16 digit number on the front of your card they can use it when they want, as the bank said to me I have gave them permission bet you didn't know that ,neither did I and the bank cant stop them once you have given over you card details.

    kind Regards

    Ian mccully

    p.s but thanks anyway for you time and your reply

    please keep posting

    thought i would share that with you all.
  8. Moof

    Moof Newbie

    Hmm, I'm not sure that your'e reading the screen correctly. TripIt is free to use, and they've stated that the basic stuff is free to use forever. I just followed the sign-up procedure and they do try to sell you TripIt Pro, but beyond click on "No thanks", that's all. You're not even required to enter your name or home city if you don't want to.

    I've certainly not seen a credit card number request on the site.

    I have been using TripIt for a year and a half, and it's always given me good results.
  9. ianmccully1

    ianmccully1 Newbie

    Hi moof

    Thanks for that as didnt know this but now will download tripit and give it a try thanks again for all your help.

    kind regards

    ian mccully

    what do you all use as satnav like tomtom mobile but for android
    with no monthly subscription if possible
  10. karimarie

    karimarie Well-Known Member

    Yeah, this. I use TripIt and I love it, and I didn't enter my CC # with their site. Just set everything up and went on my merry way.
  11. TXLady

    TXLady Member

    Thanks! Tripit looks very promising. It may replace WorldMate for me and has additional features that might make the Pro version worth paying for.

    Edit: TBD. The web based version is great. I was able to install the Android version but cannot get it to sign in. Still working. (And yes, I'm quite sure of the username and password. Reverified them on-line to ensure I had it correct.)
  12. theizz

    theizz Lurker

    You might want to try Hour Jar: Itinerary Creator too. Its super clean and easy to use. I don't think they have a droid app, but you should be able to use the webapp from your phone.
  13. tdrew

    tdrew Newbie

    Worldmate is now available for Android. Just installed it and uploaded four upcoming trips. Absolutely awesome!

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