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tried it alone now i have to ask

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by upper90, Dec 21, 2013.

  1. upper90

    upper90 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I have a Chinese android tablet 2.2 kernel 1.6.32 v 1.2.1.. when it was given to me screen looked like a bad connection with multi color lines all over...after leaving it on a charge for quite awhile it went to android logo screen stopped there at little guy in the ship...I looked around and found two files and put them on an s d card got to 100% then restarted back to android this time I got a green android then a purple then it went laoading....... and stayed.. any ideas

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  2. olbriar


    Hello upper90. It sounds like a boot problem for sure. Could be caused by a number of things. Your best bet for support would be to check out the discussion area for your tablet. Here is a link to a list of all the tablets that we have designated areas for:
    Android Tablets & MIDs - Android Forums
    And if you don't find your tablet in that list... try the general tablet discussion area here:
    -- General Tablet Talk - Android Forums
    Best of luck to you and thanks for joining the Android Forums community.
  3. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator

    Welcome to the forums!

    Glad to have you apart of the team and I hope you enjoy your time here :)
  4. upper90

    upper90 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    thanks for welcoming me.. thanks a lot for the quick reply and advice.. I will give that a try

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