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tried lag fixing methods, still lags

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by briisback, Jan 3, 2014.

  1. briisback

    briisback Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Ok bought this phone two months ago....I'm about ready to use it as a hockey puck here soon if I can't get the lagging to stop.phone will kinda freeze and come back a lot. Making calls is an issue a lot of times too. Hit the call button and it takes sometimes up to twenty seconds for it to actually start calling the number. Touch screen keyboard lags a lot to. Ill hit a letter and it makes me think the touch screen isn't working but thenfive to seven seconds later the button highlights and finally goes though... a lot of app not responding screens also. Phone willrandomly stop and crash apps a lot. Get a screen that says App is not responding , would u like to wait or close it? Ill hit wait most of the tim the app will come back and work again but a lot of times it crashes. So I rooted this phone also. Installed rom toolbox and ran cpu performance tweaks, hasn't worked...cleared app cache on all apps, that hasn't helped. I make sure memory is cleared by closing apps Iam not using. Still very slooooow and super laggy... anyone else having this same issue with the rise? Please help before Iturn.this phone in a hockeypuck cuz its getting very annoying..lol

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  2. db2

    db2 Android Enthusiast

    There's really nothing for it. Even with tweaks mine did the same stuff you described. A phone that's too crappy to make calls is entirely worthless.

    My suggestion is to replace it with something not-Kyocera ASAP.
  3. TechDad378

    TechDad378 Well-Known Member

    I got your PM. Try my suggestion and let me know if it works.
  4. gogomouse1

    gogomouse1 Well-Known Member

    Mine is the same. I bought mine because it was cheap, and it was an emergency after my last phone died.
    But I'm thinking about switching to the $99 Moto G on Boost.
  5. emorgan34

    emorgan34 Lurker

    I've had my phone for about a year now. I had the same problems as you. Just recently I finally rooted the thing and found out about something called v6 Supercharger. After getting it to work on the phone, it's fixed it!
  6. divinebovine

    divinebovine Android Expert

    What was your suggestion? There's plenty of other folks here with the same problems...
  7. TBHD

    TBHD Lurker

    I have the same problem but this phone is just so crappy. There is no help for this phone. And its a 1ghz single processor what do you expect high end performance. All I can say is DON'T BUY CHEAP PHONE UNLESS ITS THE MOTO G.
  8. mel4787

    mel4787 Android Enthusiast

    more less dont buy nothing kyocera specific. due to the severely locked down phone its worthless and useless. i think kyocera is trying to hurt android. we gave millions of reasons why the locks arent needed and they still dont comply. we gave millions of other reasons to unlock the bootloader but nothing. they are too scared to see what their phone can do. with a custom kernel this phone would be amazing but no kyocera is being dumb. so avoid all kyocera specific phones. all of them.
  9. mikeca

    mikeca Android Enthusiast

    The Rise is short on memory, I think it's jut going to Lag.
  10. gogomouse1

    gogomouse1 Well-Known Member

    My Rise was the same, but I have to admit, that since rooting, and removing as many of the stock apps as possible, mine runs a lot better.
  11. divinebovine

    divinebovine Android Expert

    Exactly which apps did you remove? I'd love to have a quick hit-list of apps that are safe to remove whose removal helps.
  12. gogomouse1

    gogomouse1 Well-Known Member

    I removed-
    Connections Optimizer
    Mobile ID
    Swype Keyboard
    Google Play Books
    Google Play Movies
    Google Play Music
    Google Play Newsstand
    Google Text-to-Speech
    Google +

    You'd be surprised to know how often all those Google apps are trying to connect and/or update.
  13. Traijan

    Traijan Lurker

    Is disabling the apps the equal of actually removing them or will then re-enable themselves over time?

    I'm only a bit leery about physically removing apps in case I ever wanted to actually use the service they might provide later on.

  14. kimberlyd86

    kimberlyd86 Newbie

    Can any of those programs be removed without rooting the phone?

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